Snow at sea level, on the beach at Clifton in Hobart.

Snow at sea level, on the beach at Clifton in Hobart.

Yes it is true, it snowed on the beach at sea level in Australia on Monday morning August 3!

OK, it was in Tasmania, but it is still rare for it to snow at Clifton in Hobart.

The days are now officially getting longer and warmer. The Southern Hemisphere solstice was back on June 21.

However, water temperatures are generally at their coolest in September and early October – around the same time as winter off-shores give way to side/onshore sea breezes.

I’ve always believed that spring is the best time to get out of Australia and take a surfing holiday.

The transition from winter to spring in Australia often delivers lengthy flat spells and straight-ish sand banks.

The Indian Ocean usually cranks well into October. - Photo by Andy Potts.
The Indian Ocean usually cranks well into October. – Photo by Andy Potts.

Meanwhile, the Indian Ocean is still well and truly in season, and usually cranks well into October.

August and September is still pretty much prime time and October is still worthy as the holiday crowds begin to taper.

It is worth noting that so-called “off-season”  in the Ments and Sumatra produces plenty of uncrowded, glassy 3-4ft days.

The Maldives is often glassy and fun throughout October.

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Recent Mentawai photos and video by Andy Potts:


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Ben Horvath

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