Philosopher Jim Rohn once said: “Reasons come first… answers come second.”

So why do we surf?

There are so many reasons why we surf. Here’s my top 5!

1. We surf for an escape from the daily grind, the natural high… the adrenalin rush it provides.

2. The pursuit of inner peace, man!

3. Not only does it keep you fit: The whole man vs. nature, being alone out in the elements factor is inspiring.

4. All you need is a friend and a beach to be free. Surfing is generally an individual pursuit as opposed to a team sport, so it is a fun and relatively inexpensive activity you can do with one or two mates. And the beer always tastes better post-surf, right?

5. It just makes you feel good. Only a surfer knows the feeling… it is free… I could go on and on, right?


Then – so why travel?

Well, once you get into surfing, you are pretty much addicted. It is a positive and healthy addiction, unlike any of the vices. Once as a surfer you reach a certain level, you feel the need for speed, it is only natural to want to progress your level.
If you learnt at your local beach break on the white water, you progress to green walls, and then you seek out your first turn, cutback, tube, air and so it goes. Once you have conquered your local waves, you naturally seek variety and new challenges, pointbreaks, reefbreaks – your search for the perfect wave…

1. A lot of us go to go, not to get there. Getting lost is fun!

2. Surf travel connects us to other cultures and people.

3. No two waves are the same. We discover and surf more different waves to progress our level.

4. It helps you get to know yourself better: the true you is rediscovered.

5. The search for the perfect wave is fun, challenging and never-ending.


Why go on a surf trip to the Maldives?

Unless you are lucky enough to have a perfect wave pool in your backyard, chances are that your search for the perfect wave will inspire you to travel.  One of the best all round options for surfers of all levels to travel to is the Maldives.

1. The Maldives delivers something for everyone in terms of wave quality and diversity. Lefts, rights, hollow waves and performance walls.

2. Warm water and perfectly shaped reef breaks that are generally not too shallow and or heavy.

3. Carefully controlled development ensures there’s no pollution.

4. It’s one of the world’s best diving zones, if that gives you any idea as to the crystal clear water quality and visibility.

5. Quality resorts and charter boats provide the type of epic tropical island paradise your non-surfing partner and/or family will love.

Some surfers love charter boat trips, others prefer land resorts. Some must have satellite TV and access to the internet 24/7, others like the feeling of being out of reach, kind of disconnected so they can really unwind and relax.

The Perfect Wave has all bases covered.

Early season 2015 in the Maldives has been pretty impressive so far.


The Perfect Wave photographer and guide Bob Fawcett has been on 3 early season boat charters since arriving late in March. Here’s 3 great blogs he has prepared to give you a great idea of what to expect on a charter boat during season 2015 thus far.

We have finalized the 2016 schedules for remote atolls, so you can enquire now.


The First Boat Charter of 2015 Maldives surf season – surf report

The Second Boat Charter of 2015 Maldives surf season – surf report

The Third Boat Charter of 2015 Maldives surf season – surf report

As we head into the best months of the Maldives surf season, there are still opportunities to book charters and land stays.

Do yourself a favour and look back at some highlights from the 2014 season:

Mark “Coops” Cooper from epicswells.com spends at least a month or two a year in the Maldives. Coops shares his insight into what you can expect if you are planning a Maldives surf charter in 2015 here

Finally, make sure you watch this Kandooma clip and you will be booking before you can say “Get me out of here.”

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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