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Last week was one of those weeks in the Maldives when all the planets aligned. The birds were twittering, the dolphins jumping and the surf conditions were epic pretty much every day of the trip. With Barton Lynch leading the way in every surf session and passing on all his surfing knowledge, all guests were treated to a remarkable surf safari.
Starting in North Male in 3 to 4 ft swell on Day 1, the swell built every day. Chickens was pumping at 6 ft plus, which pushed all on board to the limit, except Barton of course.
It was great to see the friendships built in the water and on board the Carpe Diem safari. You could see individual surfers gain their confidence and better their skills over the course of the trip.
Moving on with the swell macking at Cokes and Chickens, South Male Atoll was the go-to spot, where 4 to 6 ft hollow, fast surf points were waiting for us. Tucky Joe’s was our first stop and we scored big time.
A midday session with only our boat and a small friendly Japanese group were in the water. Unbelievably, the Japanese guys applauded and cheered Barton into the line up, absolute legends themselves in the way they combined with us in the water.
Next stop Foxeys and Riptides, where it was a wave fest for all: the guys were catching waves at their will, in totally uncrowded conditions. This area is close to Kandooma so we squeezed in a resort visit, cocktails and beers by the pool and massages were enjoyed before a late afternoon session at Riptides.
To complete the week, we had our last session at Jails, a dawn run in a speed boat and then back to Carpe Diem for breakfast. Airport was next with a salty quiver and wet boardies for the journey home. Love to go home with the wet boardies!
Holly, Barton’s wife, instructed the daily yoga sessions on the trip which really added to the experience, getting the mind and body prepared for the day ahead. There was also Barton’s onboard visualisation sessions and all in all, the guests were in tune with the best vibe a surf safari can provide.
It’s a big call for me after 15 years hosting surfing safaris, however, I will say it was one of the best weeks ever for me on a safari. Cannot wait for the next Barton’s safari in 2017.
If you would like to join Barton and Holly on next year’s charter or Kandooma week enquire here now, before it sells out.

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