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Are you planning a luxury honeymoon or family surf trip?

The choice of a yearly holiday often comes to a compromise between your desire to surf, and your partner’s/family’s needs for comfort, great food and extra activities. The good news is that you don’t need to miss out on surfing while you are on a holiday with the loved ones.

Imagine yourself scoring some perfect waves in warm water in Maldives, Bali or Pacific, while your partner is at the spa, snorkelling trip or chilling out at a secluded beach. Then get out of water and spend the rest of the day together, dining with ocean views or getting a massage and have a few drinks at the waterfront bar.

If it’s all about keeping everyone happy with good surf, beautiful place to stay and that exotic vibe that takes you away from the daily routine of busy life, here’s 5 places that have it all:

Six Senses, Laamu – Maldives

Think of any postcard you have looked at in a news agency with beautiful crystal clear water, an ocean bungalow and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Its more than likely it was somewhere in the Maldives and probably at Six Senses! Voted in the top 5 luxury resorts in the world in 2012, Six Senses definitely lives up to its reputation.

Is there a good surf?

Close to popular surf breaks like Ying Yangs and F1’s, Six Senses Laamu gives you perfect access to world class waves with hardly any crowds all with the comfort of your own luxurious ocean villa. Chuck in world class food prepared by world renownded chefs, daily spa treatments in an award winning day spa, cocktails on the water as the sun sets and you get the complete Maldivian holiday experience.

Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore – Hawaii

Imagine one of the most beautiful places on the planet, blessed by famous powerful beach, point and reef breaks surrounded by natural beauty and the surfing vibe that’s ever-present on Hawaii’s coast. Your partner will love horseback riding, swimming in warm pools and that all rooms have ocean views.

Do I need to be advanced surfer to score waves at Turtle Bay?

Some of Hawaii’s waves demand respect – they are fast, big and powerful. Other waves, like Ethukai Beach Park or Rocky Point, are pretty mellow wave. There is a surf school at the resort, so this place is suitable for all levels of surfers, from beginners to advanced.

Intercontinental Resort Tahiti surf trip

Intercontinental Resort, Moore – Tahiti

When a surfer thinks of Tahiti, the first thing that comes to mind in the famous Teahupoo and the gnarly barrels we get to see year in and year out on the ASP World Tour. Apart from ‘Chopes’, the beautiful islands of Tahiti have hundreds of reef passes with world-class waves all over the place. Get up in the morning to score waves at Atiha, Haapiti or Cooks Bay, then spend the day exploring one of the most stunning places on Earth.

Who will like the place more – surfers or non-surfers?

Good question! While you get barrelled at one of the Tahiti’s reef breaks, non-surfers will be at the Helen Spa treatment, or checking out the resort’s Dolphin Quest Adventure. Restaurants dish up freshest seafood and in the afternoon, everyone can go kayaking or on a boat trip. Feeding stingrays from the boat is something else!

Four Seasons Maldives surf trip

Four Seasons Resort, North Male – Maldives

Imagine waking up in an overwater bungalow right above a crystal-clear ocean, and all you need to worry is what surf break will you check out today, and what to try from the amazing food they serve. Walk around a small, lush island resort and visit their world-class spa, or dive and check out the Maldivian abundant life under water.

From the resort, you can get to Jails, Ninjas, Chickens and Cokes by dhoni. There is also a surf school for beginners.

Honeymoon surf trip at Four Seasons would be one of travel highlights of your life. The resorts oozes luxury, good life and relaxed vibe. It is perfectly built for surfers that want to take their families or partners on a trip they won’t forget.

Banyan tree Bali surf trip

Banyan Tree, Uluwatu – Bali

It doesn’t get much better than here, set on an Uluwatu cliff with expansive ocean vistas. Whichever villa you choose, it will have its private pool and will overlook the Indian Ocean or lush gardens. It’s not an adults-only place, as there is also a kids club to look after your little ones while you are surfing and the wife is at the spa, or shopping.

After the day spent surfing at Uluwatu or Nusa Dua, what’s better than chilling out at the infinity resort pool with a cocktail, overlooking the coastline? That’s the Banyan Tree honeymoon surf trip experience.

Banyan tree Bali surf trip

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