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the surf trip on Cobia with saltmotion.com photography in June 2011 was easily one of the highlights of last season for The Perfect Wave. Through the lens of Joel Coleman, we witnessed daily photo updates on saltmotion.com website and were extremely jealous of their daily adventures, clear and warm water, uncrowded surf breaks, great food on board Cobia and fun and laughs in a land where time matters little. It was nothing shy of perfect. Every single person came back raving about the trip and some of the guys have already booked another one with Joel from saltmotion and The Perfect Wave as a private charter in July. The trip was THAT good – and we decided to do it again this year!

14 Apr 2012 – 26 Apr 2012: 12 nights on Cobia

The price is $1,995 per person for the charter and it is inclusive of all food, soft drinks and a professional photographer on board. You will get hi-res photos of yourself surfing as well and will feature on the daily glory shots during the trip. 

If you are still not sure whether this is the best possible trip for you to do this year, check out the photo gallery from the last one and testimonials below. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 1300 00WAVE or e-mail Josh@ ThePerfectWave.com.au.

Joel from saltmotion.com:

Ten surfers, nine Fellas and one girl, four crew, one surf guide, one photographer, three stitches, lots of sunburn, a few damaged boards, kilos of pasta, thousands of inappropriate jokes and no clean ones, a chiropractor to put us back together each day, far too many waves to count, tropical water, blue skies, music, a sock puppet and tens of thousands of laughs, brings this trip to an end. Its been an amazing one, we scored so many good waves that everyone is ‘surfed out’ and had so many bouts of laughter that left us all rolling on the floor that our ribs hurt as much from laughing as they do from surfing. To me a boat charter is as much about the group dynamics as it is about the waves and on this trip they were both nothing shy of perfect!…
Thanks to: Martey, Skipper, Bundu, Hasan, Cheff, Chad, Dr. Daff, Jason, Mark, Rod, Said, Stephan, Stu, Tristan and Vanessa for bringing along the laughs… Thanks to The Perfect Wave for their effort in getting us all here!


Matt – August 2011 trip on Cobia:

The trip was “PERFECT” The crew “AWESOME” accommodating, knowledgeable and “HAPPY” Food “SAY NO MORE” – wanted to take the chef home! Waves: surfed every day except 1 with 5 stand out days. Guide “HORCE SCHWARTZ”- total legend, nothing was a drama, knew his sh*t, found us waves, showed us islands. All ways with a smile. This blokes a definite keeper I will be requesting his services next time around, no questions. Skipper “FUNNIEST BLOKE I HAVE EVER MET”. One happy surfer 🙂 Sure the others would agree. Make that “seven stoked surfers”!

Julien – July 2011 trip on Cobia:

Hi Josh! The trip on Cobia was just perfect. We surfed everyday, most sessions there was just us as there was no other boat around. Well, maybe not just us as there were manta rays, turtles and dolphins as well! Fun waves, with some bigger days (range from shoulder high to solid overhead, even one double overhead session). Best session was at Tucky Joe’s, perfect, empty & barreling (see attached photo). The crew was the best, apparently Marty is really the best surf guide in Maldives, and the Chef was great like the rest of the crew. The boat is a bit slow but that wasn’t a problem as it allowed to enjoy the cruise and beautiful landscape. The other Aussie guests were very nice people and they shared waves with me, the landlocked Swiss surfer. I could make a lot of progress in terms of surfing. And we were only 6 guests instead of 12 (max capacity) so plenty of room and good vibe on board. In the end of the trip we went back to North Male where I met Brian from The Perfect Wave @ Cokes Surf Camp. Even the waves in North Male (Sultans, Jails, etc) were not that crowded. Like I said it was a perfect trip and will do it again in the future, for sure. Cheers

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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