Lachy McKay is a 26 year old frother from Narrabeen that surfs pretty much everyday before and after work and sometimes at lunch when its worthy.

Lachy has been one of the leading surf experience specialists at Perfect Wave Travel for nearly five years now after working and building his sales experience in surf retail.

Lachy’s passion for surfing and travelling is highly infectious making him our “Go to guy” to get you amped for your next trip. Having covered many corners of the world looking for waves, you’re in very safe and experienced hands with Lachy.

Lachy travelled to the Mentawai and Sth Pacific last year and just returned from an early season southern Maldives Atolls adventure.

Perfect Wave Travel Marketing Manager Ben Horvath loves the Maldives, but hasn’t had the opportunity to head down south, so Ben thought it would be well worth asking Lachy a bunch of questions before planning a trip himself.

After chatting with Lachy Ben figured the credible, detailed responses Lachy provided is highly worthy information our clients will appreciate before planning their trip. Contact Lachy or any one of our experienced sales experience specialists direct for more inside info anytime. That is what we are here for….

BH – How old are you nowadays Lachy and where do you do most of your surfing?

Lachy – I’m twenty six now BH. My preference is the lunch session at Curly. It’s so good having the office nearby to time a surf with the tide and avoid crowds where possible.

How long have you been in the surfing industry now?

It all started 11 years ago from the very bottom de-waxing boards, cleaning shops and sweeping shaping bays. Retail shop floors at Powerlinez Narrabeen, Billabong Manly and Ripcurl Narrabeen so it’s been a pleasure to know my time there translates to experience with Perfect Wave Travel.

How many times have you been to The Maldives?

This was my second trip. I went last August and fell in love with the place straight away. I think it took me 2 weeks of being home to book for March/April this year.

Please tell us a little about your experience at Niyama?

Niyama is unbelievable. From the very first moment stepping off the seaplane right onto the arrival jetty it felt like it was going to be a pretty special holiday. It felt like so many little things went right and all the fine details were looked after so it was quick and easy to hit full holiday stride. Things like the rum and reggae bar in front of the wave with swinging day lounges; the kind of stuff that oozes surf culture and luxury escapism. I’m also not one to come home and rave about food, but Benny, dude the food! Cool concept restaurants made it feel like an experience and not just a meal, with Nest being in a tree house, Edge is floating, Subsix is underwater, BLU was poolside cabanas and Tribal is African and Latino food. The room was insane as well. Live feed of the wave straight to your room so you could check it from bed, I was losing it.

How did you rate the resort as a romantic location?

Yeah excellent. It’s hard to understand the way a resort feels until you’re there but Niyama felt exclusive and very comfortable. Like I mentioned the food and dining experience was varied and creative, the room was stunning and it made down time feel special. I even asked the manager about resort capacity and was surprised to hear it was almost full. There were empty beaches, always a cabana by the pool and the staff were so warm and attentive.

How about as a surfing destination?

Having a wave out the front makes the world of difference. I’d logged about 3 hours of surfing every morning by 10am which gave me all day to cruise, do a day trip or of course go surfing again. In the Central Atolls you get nice long period SW groundswells and local conditions that time of year are clean and sunny. Not insanely challenging waves but fun and playful. They even have a chilled sand bank for beginners.

Was there plenty for your new fiance to do while you enjoyed a bunch of sessions out front?

For sure. Our butler was a legend and helped us find things we wanted to do. Whether it was making a booking at a cool bar, renting SUPs, hitting the spa or yoga it was at your finger tips. The resort was so beautiful, it was entertaining being at the beach, the pool and even in the room.

How where the numbers in the water?

Hahaha what numbers? I was in the water hoping someone would paddle out to have a chat and keep the position in the lineup. Vodi out the front was usually 2 or 4 people. Over a week the most I surfed with was 7 but even so, that’s including 3 surf guides who were giving away the best ones anyway.

What other breaks did you get to surf in the vicinity of Niyama and tell us a little about the actual set ups and conditions you personally encountered please?

Vodi was so good out the front, it was hard to leave. There was no wind so everywhere was working. When we did we went to Kasabu or I think others call it Mauroofs. 150m of peeling right hander, really nice speed wave and the bowl at the bottom had a beautiful shape. Another crew went to Hocus Pocus which by the sounds of it is a quick little tubing right.

You also spent a few nights at Ayada?

Yeah an equally incredible resort in the Southern Atolls. It feels super private and exclusive the way they’ve designed the resort. So many beautiful nooks around the island, it was like discovering your own paradise. I could hardly get around, I just wanted to stop and take photos everywhere.

Again how did you rate the resort as a romantic location? You popped the question to your beautiful fiancé did you not?

One of the most romantic places I’ve ever been, hands down. The resort helped me organise a private dolphin watching trip followed by a picnic with day lounges, umbrella and Champagne on a sand bank in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The proposal was better than I had imagined and with one sandy knee, she said yes! It was pretty unforgettable and only the first day of the holiday. The resort was the perfect place to celebrate afterwards.

How about as a surfing destination?

The Southern Atolls has such a good concentration of waves in one area! 6 real quality spots in range but most notably Tigers is a good swell magnet, Blue Bowls is a nice long righthander,

Love Charms is a super playful wave and I got some proper tubes at Beacons. Its hard to relate any wave to another but Beacons felt like I was in the Mentawai surfing Bank Vaults getting down the line lumps that would go square and turn into big blue kegs! The variety of waves gives it good consistency and I can’t wait to get back there and surf the rest of them.

Finally, what boards did you take, and what would you recommend others taking?

Everyone has a trusty every day short board. The one that lives in the car right? That’s the first one I pack. A fish or step down is a close second in the board bag and then third is a slightly bigger short board. I’m not that way inclined but a mid length or a long board wouldn’t go astray if you’re into it.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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