The biggest revolution in how surfers travel in recent times!

Let’s just use our creative imagination to pretend Awayco is an actual anagram of Way to go! It is pretty close, and there’s absolutely no denying it is totally the way to go now.

I’m pretty stoked to announce, Perfect Wave have partnered with Awayco to bring this game changing surfboard rental service to Kandooma.

Ride an incredible new board in waves like this at Kandooma. Photo by Andy Potts

You can now travel light, knowing you have over 30 of the best small wave boards and a dozen SUP’s available at your disposal on arrival. You can rest assured you will have the right equipment under feet in waves ranging from 1 to 8ft, whether your surfing Kandooma Right, Riptides, Foxy’s, Quarters, or even the learner’s sandbar.

Riptides suits widder, thicker equipment than the more down the line Kandooma. Photo by Andy Potts

We have high performance surf SUPs from Sunova as wells as range of longboards, beginners boards and, more than 30 cutting edge small to medium wave boards by the worlds best shapers waiting for you upon arrival.

We all know that one of the worst parts of travelling overseas is the hassle of choosing, and then carrying your preferred quiver of boards with you. You never quite know exactly what waves you will be riding, Awayco’s awaiting quiver protects you from such eventualities!

Lugging your boards around airports is a hassle, often airline excess baggage fees are a rip off, and if your equipment isn’t 100% suitable to the waves on offer, the quality of your trip can be severely compromised.

So we now have the ultimate solution available for you.

Travel light, with an open mind and the freedom to select what sleds you will be riding. Be open to trying new boards and trying new turns.

Come to Kandooma and try some boards you never knew you would dig.

You can literally try before you buy!

Ben testing the 5 Ft 10 Inch JS Monsta Box. Photo by Sam Tolhurst

Heading to the airport with just a backpack full of boardies, a book or two, and a bunch of T-shirts is my kinda surf trip.

Perfect Wave have combined with Awayco to offer premium surfboard rental.

In short, this means that surfers can choose from a great range of of some of the worlds best surfboards, book the board in dimensions of your choice, and find that board waiting for you at the the Kandooma Surf Centre with Steve and team.

Right now we have shortboards from Hayden Shapes, high performance, versatile and user friendly boards like the Hypto Krypto, Holy Grail and White Noiz. We have a bunch of JS’s Monsta 8’s, Monsta Box’s and Black Box 2’s. There’s also a bunch of Channel Islands Rocket Wide models, a couple of OG Flyers, and a few Stacey Roach’s in the racks.

All the right brands, plenty of size variations, volume variation – quite literally something for everyone.

Ben riding smaller 5ft 9 inch JS Blackbox 2. Photo by Sam Tolhurst

The smaller 27litre JS Black Box was tighter in the pocket! Photo by Sam Tolhurst

Personally, i grabbed a 5 ft 10 inch JS Monsta Box out of the racks on the 3ft day of my May 2019 stay and loved it. Then, when the swell eased back to 1-2ft, i changed over to a little JS Black Box 2, 5ft 9 inch – 27 litre shredder to tighten up my pocket turns in the small righthanders.


Awayco is now at Kandooma Maldives! Video by Sam Tolhurst

Awayco Members have unrestricted access to our global network of high-quality gear. You need to sign up to see what is possible, then search for The Perfect Wave Kandooma or click here.

Browse our online selection of surfboards and SUP’s at Kandooma. You will need to load your credit card info to check availability and reserve the board of your dreams to suit you on your holiday.

Then when you arrive at Kandooma, visit Steve and the team at the Awayco Affiliate Kandooma and collect your sled and go shred!

Surf different boards – improve and grow your surfing repertoire, then return the board when you’re done. Fly home without having to drag boards around or wait at Oversize baggage to see if your board made it in one piece! The best surprise is how easy airport transfers are when you dont have a board bag!

Check out the current Kandooma Inventory here.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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