Travellers’ Tales – D’Bora Mentawai surf charter, Mid August 2014
The Perfect Wave Guest Interview Series
Interview by Ben Horvath
| photos by Adam Dube’, D’Bora surf guide

Blakey Wolfe is a 30 year old surfer from Angourie who surfs the points and beachies around Yamba and Angourie. Blakey just returned from an epic fortnight boat charter on the D’Bora in the Mentawai with his buddies.

What where the exact dates you and your mates did your Mentawai charter on the D’Bora?

August 2 – 14,  2014.

Where are most of your crew from and how long you guys been surfing?

Most of the crew are from Angourie/Yamba area with a couple from the Goldy. I’m not sure exactly when everyone started surfing but most of us have been surfing from a young age.

How many days did you have waves?

We surfed everyday! Our first 7 days couldn’t have been better with 4-8ft epic waves the whole time. Our last 4 days we had fun waves around 3-5ft.

What was the predominant swell direction, and how was the wind?

We were lucky enough to have two solid swells, the first swell was from the west which is when we scored HT’s and the next was from the south. We were lucky with the wind. It was light and variable most of the time. I heard August normally has stronger winds.

Where did you guys do most of your surfing?

Ah, hard to say, but we had our best waves down south.

Looks like you scored a couple of mad days at HT’s?

We had one epic whole day at HT’s, 6-8ft no wind all day.


What were the best setups or your fav waves up there?

HT’s, Roxys, Maccas, Lances Left. We surfed Greenbush on the wrong swell direction so it was closing out at the end, would love to surf it perfect.

How many times have you been to the Mentawai?

My first time, 3 of our crew have been before.

Prefer boat charter or land camp?

I can’t say I have stayed in a land camp in the Mentawai, but I would probably prefer a boat charter, just gives you more options.

Take us through an average HT’s wave from take off to kick out?

Haha! This wave took me most of the first day to figure out, a lot heavier and shiftier than I thought it would be, especially at 6-8f. On a 6ft+ set, you kinda get a roll in take off but not a real easy one, than you want to just set up for the barrel section and once your in, you really need to pump through the barrel to make sure you get out and avoid the Surgeon’s Table (the inside reef).

What type of boards did you take to the Mentawai?

I took 2 normal shortboards: 5’11 & 6′, a step-up 6’3 and a 6’8. I rode my 5’11 most of the time and rode my 6’3 on the bigger days. A 6’5 with some more volume would have been perfect for HT’s.

Would you go back again and would you recommend it to crew?

I would go every year if I could. I’m just working on my wife now.  I definitely recommend this trip and the D’Bora is an epic boat.

Any final advice or tips for crew heading to the Mentawai?

Prepare to get barrelled and have the time of your life.

Photos c/o Adam Dube, surf guide on the D’Bora

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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