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To those who already know what I am about to expose, I apologise in advance as you may have been blessed for many years with this amazing resource. But for those who don’t, I am sure you will be very happy to know there is still plenty of liquid gold out there for you to keep doing what you love to do.

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For many years now, I have been told by our partners and operators in Mentawai and Sumatra that what is technically referred to as the Off Season in the region, is more like secret gold untapped. This period is between December and February. But like most of us Indo lovers, I had normally made sure my surf trips to Indo have been peak or shoulder season to get maximum swell size. But as I have got a bit older, I have found that you start having as much fun in smaller surf as you did in the bigger stuff. You also really appreciate having the waves to yourself and not sharing with too many other people. So normally during this time of year I love to get up to PNG, Caroline & Solomon Islands and of course Hawaii. However this year I thought we would have a shot at Sumatra and hit it in Feb. The result was amazing and I wanted to share this with you as my gift this Xmas.

Matty Grainger and the Manly Surf team came to see me and asked to sort out a trip for him and his boys after a big season at the school here in Manly. Of course I obliged and the end result was we all went to the Mentawai with my good mate Sooly onboard his amazing boat, The Huey. The week that transpired was just amazing and we all surfed our arses off in the paradyllic island chain with nobody else around. We actually shared the whole region with only 2 other boats in the know (Tengirri and John McGroder and family). We surfed from Playgrounds to Maccas and every day was perfect: 3 to 4 ft. The day at HT’s saw too many barrels to count with only a handful in the water at any one time.

We did also take time to help out one of the villages that was hit hard by the 2010 Tsunami. But I can’t tell you much more than that as you will need to watch the whole episode of Manly Surf on Australian Channel 9, which airs on the 27th January at 4:30pm. It was an amazing experience and I would like to thank Sooly, Matty and the whole Manly Surf team for making it happen.

Anyway, enjoy the video and if you want to experience the secret gold that is December to February in Indonesia or March to May in Maldives, then check out the list below with selected trips during this time.

Yours Truly,

Jamie Gray

CEO & Founder

The Perfect Wave Global

Early Season Sumatra  Video
Early Season Opportunities – Uncrowded Waves in Indo:

Here are our TOP-5 Mentawai Early Season Deals:

boat namedatesspots availablepricenotes
Pelagic9 – 21 April 20136$4,280save $710
Nusa Dewata22 April – 3 May6$3,050max 6 surfers – uncrowded lineup
Nusa Dewata5 – 16 May4$3,050max 6 surfers – uncrowded lineup
Tengirri9 – 21 March3$3,900save $600
D’Bora11 – 23 May5$2,629trip with Kelly Smith, surf photographer

More available trips for Early Season in Mentawai:

boat namedatesspots availablepricenotes
Oasis5 – 16 March10$2,850
Melaleuca6 – 17 March10$2,550
Huey14 – 25 March8$3,000
Aileoita14 – 26 March10$3,150
Bintang18 – 29 March6$3,300
Oasis19 – 30 March10$2,850
Huey27 March – 7 April10$3,300
Bintang1 – 12 April10$3,000
Oasis2 – 13 April10$2,850
Naga Laut3 – 15 April 20139$2,970
Tengirri6 – 18 April1$4,500
Melaleuca17 – 28 April3$2,847European Legends trip
Tengirri20 April – 2 May2$4,500
D’Bora27 April – 9 May2$2,975
Bintang29 April – 10 May7$3,300
Tengirri4 – 16 May1$4,500

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Ben Horvath

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