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with the Indian Ocean surf season now underway, we have been feeding you surf reports from Mentawai recently. Now the guys from Just Dreaming, a surf charter that cruises from West Java to Panaitan Island, have just returned from their first 2012 trip – check out the surf report and photos!

With the charts showing a massive south swell, everybody was pumped! We arrived at Rangers for a fun warm up session. After this we ended up at Illusions, nice solid lines streaming into the bay made this right light up!

Next day gave us the opportunity for some Napalms – overhead and super clean! It was nice to get into some lefts. We had a nice session at Tetes and then finished up with an afternoon glass-off at Napes and Pussy’s.

The next day still saw some size at Napalms with some barrels on offer. We finished the day with some nice head high Illusions. With the dropping swell, we made the call to up anchor early and visit Krakatoa.

It was a great start to the season. Although a shorter, starter trip, we got some excellent waves and caught a massive GT to top it off! Good times at Panaitan!

Olly – Captain and Surf Guide of Just Dreaming

We had a great time! Landed some great swell on day one, good swell on day two and still managed waves on day three. A run up Krakatoa on day four was a great change and everyone appreciated the diversity! Complements to Olly and the crew! You’ve got a great bunch of guys there who know their job and do them very well, food was great which is always a trip maker/breaker! Bottom line… pencil us in for the same time next year!

David – Trip Guest

Check out what happened at the same time for a group of travelling pros visiting the island… pumping Apocalypse! The action starts from about 2mins 15seconds.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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