Words, photos and video by Grant Davis.

The Indonesia / Mentawai surf season has carried on well into November. A bunch of solid to mid-range swells hit the archipelago throughout October and well into November.

Working and surfing at Aloita Resort, Grant Davis put this clip together which was shot at local spots not too far from Aloita.

Oct 3: With the swell building (5-8ft, 212deg @17-16secs), a size check at Icelands was our first stop. We were greeted with 4-6ft clean solid lefts with only a handful of punters already out. It was an easy call for us to have a little dig.  Some solid bombs were ridden. After everyone had caught a few, we decided to move on to Telescopes. Some chunky 3-4 footers and a rather large crowd were already there, the guests scored their share of waves though.

With the wind switching in a more S-SW direction the boats split for the afternoon session, one to Telescopes and the other to Tikus. Tikus was probably the pick with 3-4ft smackable walls and the odd little barrel.

Oct 4: 10-12ft, 210deg @16-15secs. The swell had peaked and straight to Telescopes we went with others opting to stay behind and surf some pretty good Tikus. Telescopes was 4-5ft with the odd larger one, Tikus was a good 3-5ft. Telescopes was busy again, but surfing smart at Telescopes is key and a lot of waves still go unridden. The Aloita Resort crew again got plenty of waves and after lunch everyone stuck around to surf super fun Tikus.

Oct 5: 10-11ft 208deg @15secs The surf was almost identical sized but super glassy at Telescopes and Tikus was firing again. Not much variety but these were the best options and no-one was complaining.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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