Macaronis surf report, photos and video by Andy Potts

August was a bit of a mixed month in the Mentawai.

Persistent southerly winds limited opportunities to a certain degree. However, there were still plenty of places to score, plenty of memorable 3-5ft days as evidenced in both my photo gallery and accompanying video’s.

In all honesty, 2015 has been a bit inconsistent by the high standards set up here. There was the maxi Muzzaswell and then a bunch of 3-5ft action in August. Still, no one is full-on complaining – there have still been plenty of extremely fun 3-5ft days.

In any case, Macaronis surf break is still very much firing in all winds, swell size and direction.

Maccas has been one of the staple saviours during August. There was a pretty chunky pulse late in the month. Watch our blog in the next week or so for footage from that pulse.

In the meantime, enjoy the clips and remember there’s still plenty of time to bolt up and score some fun waves.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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