We are not even in the peak of the Mentawai surf season but the reports coming from the region assure us that is has been pumping consistently since the beginning of the season. The following photo gallery by Tengirri just confirms that they have been scoring perfection throughout May. Phil from Tengirri writes:

The constant run of Indian Ocean juice has continued well into May. We were joined by some Baille boyz from South Africa on our latest charter. Lucking into 14 different breaks in 11 days, it was hard to make a wrong turn! A short video from the trip is here – check out Jamie O’Brien’s long barrel on the opening wave!

Telescopes one of the many jewels on the Mentawai wave crown fired up for us mid May, mind surf a few minutes away to this video clip of some Mentawai perfection.

Still a few spots available on board Tengirri during late season 2012. Tengirri’s 2013 charter schedule also filling up. Stay tuned for some more Mayhem soon.

Yeah Boiz!!
Philthy – Tengirri Surf Charter



All photos courtesy of Tengirri Surf Charter Mentawai

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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