“This never happens in the Mentawai”
Seb, Maldives surf guide, talking about waiting periods with no waves to surf

2014 was an absolutely epic season in the Indonesian archipelago. A real hard act to follow.

The truth is that, so far, 2015 has been decent. But even when it’s supposedly ‘average’ in Indo, it is pretty darn good in comparison to most surf regions of the world.

I like Sebastian Imizcoz’s (Aileoita surf guide) analogy in a recent interview I conducted with him. Seb said, ”I have already completed 3 charter trips this season, and all of them were awesome. I always compare the 10 days at sea in the Mentawai to say a waiting period for a contest on the CT. Sometimes they don’t get good conditions during the waiting period for a contest. This never happens here in the Mentawai. Every single trip I have been on, there were quality waves.”

Similarly, surfer and film-maker Justin McMillan, famous for his work on Storm Surfers and Dangerous Banks, just returned from a Mentawai boat charter Naga Laut with a bunch of his mates that he booked through The Perfect Wave. Justin produced a great drone clip that he shared with us in a recent blog, documenting the fun waves he and his crew enjoyed on a May charter.

The moral of the story is, despite the fact that there may not of been any monstrous Southern Ocean groundswells this season yet,  it is still very much a case of happy surfing days across the entire Indonesian archipelago all the way through to October from now.

As you can see in Justin’s brilliant bird’s eye drone view of the Mentawai and in Seb’s inspiring photos, Indo never lets you down.

There’s so much variety and so many options to suit all levels.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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