by Ben Horvath

Long Reef wave chasing frother – Manly Surf School head honcho Matty Grainger scored the best waves he has had this year at a rare right-hander somewhere in Sumba. Matty did his annual full month The Perfect Wave family trip in Indo, staying at Occy’s Left at Nihiwatu for a fortnight, followed by a week in Bali and then a week at Nomad Resort in Sumbawa.

Matt said – “I scored three swells of significance in four weeks. The last few days of June and the first 10 or so days of July hovered in the 6-8ft range pretty much every day. I surfed with my 12 year–old son Tasman and my 10 year–old daughter Bella most days and Hawaiian surf guide Christian Sea on the maxing days. One day Christian and I towed this macking 10-12ft right with no leg rope. All we had was some rope to attach my board to my leg, so we called this rare right “Rope Burns” for obvious reasons. The photos we got on the big day don’t do it justice, but the perfection I surfed solo the following day at 5-7ft was mindless.”

Nihiwatu is an incredible resort and so too is Nomads.”

check out the photos from the trip! All (c)2013 Matt Grainger

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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