G’day fellow frothers!

Just as we are finished frothing over the photo gallery we got from Captain Andrew (PNG Explorer) and slowly giving our farewells to Papua New Guinea surf season (just a couple of trips to go), we are now moving on towards the peak swell season in the Indian Ocean.

Stoked guys on Tengirri

Traditionally considered to be an “early season”, March (and February too!) in the Mentawais have been a super-consistent and ultra-uncrowded months in the surfers’ Mecca this year, delivering clean and fun sets up to overhead size.

To follow their February newsletter “Mentawai Early Season Perfection“, TENGIRRI surf charters are updating us again with photo gallery and video of their 19-29 March 2012 trip. If you are thinking March is not a good time to go to the Ments – think again!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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