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if you are thinking of going on a perfect surf holiday this year, want to discover a relatively remote and uncrowded area, love your beer after the surf and are looking for a great-value trip, let us help you with making your decision!

Australian-owned cutter-rigged ketch Just Dreaming is based in West Java and Panaitan Island, home to various world-class waves. Among the most famous are One Palm Point (excellent left-hander barreling the whole way over a shallow bottom but creates record-time tube rides – for at least intermediate surfers), Illusions (similar to One Palm Point, but a right-hander), Apocalypse, Napalms and Dave’s Place. And there is more secret spots that they will take you to.

Their experienced crew knows the area perfectly, with over 10 years experience in the area. Aussie owner and skipper John, the boat captain Ismanto, chef Cookie, third skipper Olly and Sibby the deckie, are committed to providing an excellent all-round surf holiday experience with some great advice, delicious food on the board and relaxed and friendly service all the way!
The boat itself is a pleasure as well: it has an air-conditioned dorm-style sleeping space for 8 surfers, TV/VCR/Video CD Player, stereo and of course, snorkelling and fishing gear for you to use! It comes with all modern health and safety equipment: life raft, medical kits, satellite phone, GPS, radar and life jackets/MOB equipment.

Other activities, besides surfing, include snorkeling, game fishing, local village visits, island exploring, visiting the National Parks and perhaps climbing the mountain Krakatoa!

The boat carries 6-8 surfers on board and they run 9 -11 night charters. If you book before 1st of April 2011, the prices start at $2,300 per person. Moreover, The Perfect Wave offers you FREE 10 cases of beer per charter if you book with us.


  • Return Jakarta airport transfers.
  • 9 nights onboard accommodation.
  • 3 delicious meals served each day with plenty of soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks.
  • Surf levy fee payable to the Indonesian National Parks.
  • FREE 10 cases of beer per charter if you book with The Perfect Wave!

If you have any further questions, check out the boat profile, give us a call on 1300 00WAVE or send us an e-mail!

Our clients’ testimonials:

I have just arrived home from your last trip out to the panitans. We had great waves, Napalms was amazing, and i’d love to come back and get illusions good (it was onshore, but still heaps fun) the crew were great, the food was really good. Ollie was super aware and responsive to everything that was going on throughout the trip, he was an awesome host. it was amazing how the whole crew just slipped around the boat, doing so much, making everything run so smoothly, but you would hardly notice them. i can only imagine that it would be hard to keep that level of service throughout the season, but with something like 4 months down they seem to be taking it all in their stride. an awesome trip, I had a great time. thanks



Our first sight of the waves was an over head glassy barrel funnelling down the reef at Napalms. The wave was greeted with collective hoots onboard as we all scrambled to get amongst it. The rest of the day and the next were spent scoring perfect head high and head high plus barrelling lefts at Napalms and Tettes. By the end of day two we had all donated both skin and fibreglass to the Napalms reef but had the smiles of surf stoked men. The next 4 or five days are somewhat of a blur as the trip went from great to insane. We were greeted with wet season like conditions which meant the rights were on. Illusions was pumping and the boys made the most of it clocking up 6 to 8 hrs in the water. One day blurred into the next and we continued to score perfect, uncrowded, overhead waves. A brief stint at Apocalypse managed to impress all the boys as we watched a couple of pros pulling into stand up barrels on waves that have to be seen to be believed. As the swell dropped and the trades started to blow four ship wrecked Javanese locals emerged from the jungle and swam out to the boat. These guys hadn’t eaten for 5 days and had been wondering through the jungle looking for help. After giving them a feed and some dry clothes we motored to the main land to drop them off and managed to surf a few waves in a magical bay called Angels before heading back to Panaitan Island. The next couple of days were small and we spent time at the top of the main bay surfing Croc n Rolls. Fun lefts and rights were had by all as we waited for the swell to hit in hope One Palm would turn it on. We woke on our second to last day with swell lines rolling through so we pulled the pick and headed for One Palm. The sight that greeted us as we pulled up was one I won’t forget any time soon. Perfect 3-4 ft barrels pouring down the reef with such perfection it was hard to believe. What a way to finish off a trip!! As we motored back to port we were met with an impressive lightning storm that lite up this incredibly beautiful place. As the final beers were drunk, the tunes cranked and the smiles on the boys faces said it all. A huge thanks to Siby, Manto, Cooky and Olly for a brilliant trip. I hope to see you again soon fellas!



We arrived at Panaitan and weather was calm, we had a good trip down with calm winds the whole way down. The trip started off with some 3 foot, super clean napalm. It was a great intro for the boys. The next day we were expecting a large swell and the boys were keen for some bigger napalm which we scored…. solid 5 foot, heavy barrels, the same day we surfed 5 foot one palm, heaps of barrels for everybody. Next 2 days we surfed napalms and tetes, clean 3 foot conditions. The winds were good for the rights as well, and we surfed illusions 3 to 4 foot clean and doing its thing. Apocalypse was 6 foot solid, heavy barrels, but only broke briefly due to a wind change. The rest of the trip saw us doing the rounds of the bay with great head and and half high waves at napalms in the mornings then across to the rights when the tide dropped for great long walls at illusions. We ended up with 2 great surfs at Apocalypse, one was 4 foot and super fun. The next was 6 foot plus grinding barrels which were as wide as they were high…..very impressive! This was a ten day trip and saw the boys score great clean waves everyday.


Hey Jamie, Sorry for the very late reply, has taken me till today to get all the photos off the boys after our Paniatan Island trip in July. We scored awesome waves throughout the trip and I’ve attached a few pictures. I cannot speak too highly of Olly and all the boys on “Just Dreaming”, as they were great and made sure that we were all very well looked after. This included travel time, great food, good beer and fucking unbelievable waves. We scored One palm about 4-6 foot a couple of days with only a few of us out. Also scored 3-4 foot Napalms with just us boys out for about 4 hours. Its October now and we are still pumped about the trip. Thanks for all your help in organizing the trip, made life a hell of a lot easier. Trying to sort out attaching photos.. my computer keeps fucking up so I’ll try and get them to you eventually… Cheers again mate

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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