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Matt Hoy likes his music the way he likes his surfing – fast, flowing and powerful. Ry Craike – The Kalbarri Kid is a fast, electrifying, state-of-the-art professional free surfer with a nose for the odd pit or ten. Hoy and Craike are hosting a unique “Heroes” trip at beautiful Nomad Tropical Surf Resort from May 4 – 12, 2013. Not only will Hoy and Craike be taking you surfing, hosting evening beers and the odd round or two of golf, but the Coastalwatch editor Mike Jennings and filmer Nick Gregory will be travelling with you shooting and blogging for and SW magazine. Ben Horvath caught up with Hoy recently to see what he has been up to, and find out more about the May trip to Sumbawa.

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Matt Hoy

Hey Matt what have you been up to so far in 2013? There’s been a couple of ENE swells and I’ve heard you’ve had some memorable sessions inside Newy Harbour, up the coast a bit at another novelty break and so on. How have you rated the waves lately?

The start of 2013 has been good with consistent swell and a couple of solid ones thrown in. I got to surf a few spots that rarely break with just a few of my mates which is always fun. Having said that, there have been no real clean, offshore days yet, but hopefully over the next few months that will change

You were also up at The Quiksilver Pro doing your promotional work, commentating etc. How was the contest, and did you manage a session or two out at Kirra on finals day or better still the day after? The Snapper bank looked pretty fattish (though obviously improved rapidly on last couple of days) and Kirra looked sick on the final day and the day after the comp?

I was up at the Quik Pro doing some Hoy Show filming, hosting people and of course having a few beers.  The bank at Snapper was no good at the start, but got better during the event.  To get good waves the second last day at Snapper and then the epic last day at Kirra was unbelievable. Unfortunately I didn’t get to surf the day after the event because I was trying to get my shit together after three weeks on the Goldie ha.  I was spewing driving past Kirra because it looked as good as it gets these days. Oh well I guess you get that on the big jobs.

You’ve been around forever Hoy and it is an absolute credit to you that you are still ripping as hard as ever, I can actually remember you as a clean cut junior in the old Pacific Dreams Pro Junior and APSA Pro Am days. You totally ripped then too, but you were a clean shaven, well dressed, neat kind of lad then. What happened brother? Your music influences, fashion etc obviously took a dramatic turn for the better (laughs)

People say my image has changed from when I was young.  Of course it has, I’ve been travelling the world for the last 25 years. You see and do things that influence how you look and act. In saying that I’m still into the same things like surfing, music and having a good time.  I acknowledge I might look a bit different now with a body full of tattoos though. ha

Also, now that I’m older and hopefully a little wiser. Also having a family, I can’t just go do things at will. l have to plan things in advance and not just drop everything and run into whatever I want.

Tell us a little about your unique plans on your first Heroes trip in May to Nomad Resort Sumbawa with The Perfect Wave? Craike is going too isn’t he? Sounds like an amazing chance for fans/surfers to learn from a former leading ASP tour surfer, king of the hack and a freaky tube rider in a perfect surfing environment?

The trip Ry and I are doing to Nomad Resort through The Perfect Wave is going to be sick. I’ve heard the resort is really good with a couple of fun waves out the front, and heaps other mental waves within boat distance. There is definitely going to be something for all standards of surfers.  There’s a golf course too for those who like to whack a little white ball around. I know I’ll definitely be down for a round or two for sure.  If you’re into fishing, Ry is definitely your man and the boy can certainly fish.  I’ve never been to Sumbawa so I am really looking forward to see that part of the world. I can’t guarantee waves but I’m pretty confident. I sure can guarantee that we will have a good time though.

Book this week and receive $50 cash back as well as a $100 voucher to be used at Chaos surfboards.

How many trips to Indo do you think you have done in your career?

I’ve been going up to Indo since 1991 and have probably been there 30 times over the years. I’ve travelled all through the north, but have never explored south of Bali.  That is why I’m so frothing to go on this trip to Nomad Resort Sumbawa.

Does it still rate as right up there as the spot to go for Hoy?

Indo to me is still one of the best surf trips you can do. There are so many different types of waves whether you want barrelling lefts, bowling rights, perfect peaks or beachies- Indo has them all. The people and the food also make this place unique

What would be your personal tips on what crew should bring to Sumatra both in terms of quiver and frame of mind?

We will be hoping to get some mental waves, but if not we will be sure to have a good time so come along with an open mind.  All are welcome to book; I know there are definitely a few spots left. Contact if you want to get on the May 4-12 trip.

Quiver wise bring a fun board, (fish twin single) a normal board that you ride at home when the waves are good, and then a step up if the waves get a little bigger.

Book this week and receive $50 cash back as well as a $100 voucher to be used at Chaos surfboards.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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