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Adam Melling
The Perfect Wave and HT’s Surf Resort Mentawai are offering you the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime. Surf with and learn from arguably the most improved 2013 WCT touring pro and a new school power carver Adam Melling. Surf the world famous HT’s while professional surf photographer Craig Parry takes photos of you and your buddies on this once in a lifetime experience with one of the best contemporary pros.
The Trip dates are: July 10 – 19, 2013.

Hailing from the wave-rich northern NSW town of Lennox Head, Adam Melling started surfing competitively when he was just nine years old in his beloved local Le-Ba boardriders club. Mello has been turning heads with his smooth style which bridges the gap between power and flare. Surfing waves like Lennox Point and being just down the road from The Superbank gave Adam the platform on which to improve and refine his ability to a point that he is now one of the best on tour. After winning the 6-Star Cold Water Classic in Scotland in 2009 and finishing the season in fourth on the WQS, Adam qualified to join the best in the world on the ASP World Tour beginning in 2010.
In 2012, Melling qualified for the World Tour (WCT), finishing second at Jeffrey’s Bay, 3rd in the 2011 Triple Crown and in December 2012 he won The World Cup of surfing at Sunset Beach in an unforgettable finale to the year, re-qualifying for the 2013 WCT in the process.

Hey Adam what have you been up to so far in 2013? Your surfing seems to have really stepped up to another level in the first few CT’s of 2013 at Snapper and Bells? Many pro surfing pundits have been calling you as top 10, even top 5 material this year.
This year I really just want to step it up and surf how I want to go for it and just relax, make smart decisions and really take it to these top guys. I have had enough time on there now learning it all and growing my surfing time to go mad.

How have the waves been so far this year in your hood around Lennox?
There have been nonstop waves all summer, it has been great. We got our first real sniff of proper E swell on the April 13-14 weekend. I am stoked that I was at home to get it on for once. Looks like a solid south this weekend – April 20-21.

Give us a bit of background about Le-Ba board riders your local club?
I have been surfing in Le-Ba since I was a micro grommet. It gave me the competitive bug, surfing against my mates I just wanted to smoke them. It is such a good thing for groms to do, get them into the ocean away from all the other crap. Keeping fit and frothed on life can’t be a bad thing for any youngster.

Tell us a little about your unique plans on your first “Heroes” trip in July to HT’s Resort in The Mentawai with The Perfect Wave? Craig Parry your photographer friend from Lennox is going too isn’t he?
I’m looking forward to this trip so much. I love HT’s and all the waves nearby. Craig is coming along to shoot everyone and psych everyone up. I seriously couldn’t think of anything better. Filthy waves, Bintangs and story time. Everyone that reads this is invited, no matter what your surfing level. Come along and hang out, get a few waves and enjoy Indo.

Craig will be pointing the lens at you and all the crew who travel with you. Sounds like a great chance for punters and friends to get some mad shots?
Definitely I know everyone loves the opportunity of getting a good surfing shot of themselves, why not blow it up and put it on the wall for everyone to see. You won’t get a much better opp than on this trip.

Also obviously an amazing chance for fans/surfers to learn from a current leading ASP tour surfer in a perfect surfing environment?
It most definitely is. I am always keen to pass on any tips I can and more than up for a chat about life on the tour.

How many trips to Indo have you done in your career?
Not enough. Only about 6 believe it or not. It is such an insane place, and so close to home. It is cold at home in June, the perfect time to get back in the boardies and pumping waves.

Does it rate as your favourite part of the world to go for a surf trip?
Definitely I feel as though it is so healthy for your surfing. A lot of the top guys go to Indo to practice, seeking inspiration in their surfing to go to new levels. It is a great training ground for everyone, for all levels.

What tips do you have for prospective crew coming on your trip in terms of boards/quiver to bring to HT’s?
Bring a couple of step ups, but nothing too long. When it’s on, it’s clean and on. Get under the lip, commit and you will probably get one of the best waves of your life!

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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