Dreamy size. Post “Muzzaswell” Mentawai perfection. Photo Andrew Shield.

2015 may not be remembered as an all-time classic Indo surf season by any means, however, there were and still are so many perfect waves being ridden throughout the archipelago every day.

Yes, south winds limited opportunities at times throughout the Mentawai Island chain this season, and the smoke haze evident from the Sumatran fires for the last month or two has been frustrating also.

Bali, G-Land and Lombok have been clear, and the more traditional SE trades have ensured there was no shortage of clean waves there. If you compared conditions this year in Indo to any other renowned surf region, Indo still rules!

Clean, offshore and sunny. Bukit staple Sept 2015. – Photo Ben Horvath.

Indo always prevails as by far the most consistent option, even on a below par year. And who could ever forget the incredible June 2015 Muzzaswell?

Late season has been firing, and it looks like maintaining well into November. Make sure you sit back and enjoy Andy Potts’ early October Mentawai evidence. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch it)

Experiences like going on a surf trip with friends, family or your partner beats purchasing material gifts every time.

Muzzaswell June madness. – Photo Rowan Walker.

So what suits you in 2016?

Think outside the box – early season/late season or prime peak season swell months from May through September?

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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