Words and all photos by Clarrie Bouma – Sand Point Photos courtesy of The Perfect Wave


The background to this mid to late September trip on the Huey surf charter was quite typical in that it was organized to celebrate a birthday. The group of 10 surfers all came together from the Northern Wollongong region south of Sydney – mostly Sandon Point lads. The Huey’s owner Sooly flew Sandon surf photographer Clarrie Bouma a free trip to capture all the images, so enjoy:

The charter plan was to keep an open mind and venture all the way to Nias, the Telos and hang in the Mentawai Islands (depending on crowds and wind and swell conditions).

The crew were lucky enough to score some chunky double overhead waves at Asu, a tiny island off the west coast of Nias.

Fortunately, the boys enjoyed a few 3 to 5ft warm up surfs on the lefts  at Afulu and on a different right ahead of the solid testing sessions at Asu.

Asu has a great calm anchorage just around the headland from the point where the lefthanders are found. You always appreciate a nice calm anchorage at night. Far better than the long overnight sessions in rough seas getting from one group of islands to another.

When the swell peaked at Asu, we decided to head to the Telo Islands on the hunt for variety.

We enjoyed a couple of fun surfs at Misho’s and another right that kept everyone aboard stoked, but you could tell the swell was on the wane.

We did an overnight dash to the Mentawai and surfed Iceland in the 4-5ft range and then Telescopes at around 3ft.

Our 10 day charter was up.

The Huey crew were exceptional. Chris, the surf guide’s knowledge of the breaks was incredible. He always found our crew uncrowded waves. We only saw 1 other charter boat during our 10 day trip.

The whole crew were epic, the food and service was first class.

The Huey itself is a steel ex Japanese patrol boat with everything you need, including a fast speed boat (with a BIG 250 hp outboard) and a rubber duckie tender to make transport to the break fast and simple.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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