By Ben Horvath | Photos Sebastian Imizcoz | Drone Video by Justin McMillan. Sit back and watch Justin’s clip, it will give you a great idea of what you can expect on a Mentawai surf holiday

2014 was a real standout season in the Indonesian archipelago.

Up until last week’s late June swell of the decade, 2015 had been average, but far from mind-blowing.

However, one must note that what may qualify as ‘average’ in Indonesia,  would be called excellent or pumping in most of Europe.
Sebastian Imizcoz  surf guide and photographer on the Aileoita charter boat said, ”I often compare 10 days on a charter in the Mentawai to the waiting period for a contest on the World Championship Tour. Some of the time they don’t get great surfing conditions during the waiting period for a pro competition, but that never occurs over a 10 day period in the Mentawai. Every single trip I go on, there are always good waves.”
Film-maker Justin McMillan, who worked on Storm Surfers and Dangerous Banks, did a Mentawai boat charter on Naga Laut with his friends.

Justin sent us his great drone clip of his May boat charter.

There’s no need for words or lengthy descriptions of the surf breaks when it is all documented for you from above.

There are so many different types of breaks in the Mentawai to suit all styles and abilities.

You do not have to be a professional level surfer to score the wave of your life, there are options to suit all levels.

That is the beauty of the Mentawai: around every corner there is another reef facing a different way, ensuring that you can find a suitable wave for your level on pretty much any given day.

If you want to try a Mentawai surf charter, we have dozens of charter boats to suit all levels and budgets.

Similarly if you would prefer to stay at one of our land resorts and be ferried out to the nearby breaks by speedboat, we also have you covered.


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