The surf guides at Aloita Surf Resort  always convene daily forecast and where-to-surf discussions of an evening in the bar.
With a strong 220-deg SW swell and west winds forecast all day,  a day trip in the resort speedboats or water taxis to the the fabled Laces Right on May 4 was a no-brainer.
Arriving in the morning and seeing pumping 4-6ft offshore barrels with only three bodies in the water was a welcome surprise: the team were “frothing”.
I tend to run out of superlatives when trying to describe the wave quality at Lances Right: it is one of the best right hand reefs in the world.
At 4-5ft, although challenging and a little shallow in sections, the wave is just so perfect that it’s almost easy to ride.
Not a lot more can be said really, we surfed, watched and surfed again before heading back to Aloita Resort and Spa  with cold beers and memories of Mentawai perfection.

20160505Lances Right-_H5A4214 - Copy
20160505Lances Right-_H5A4257 - Copy
20160505Lances Right-_H5A4335 - Copy
20160505Lances Right-_H5A4729 - Copy
20160505Lances Right-_H5A4775 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0418 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0553 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0608 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0645 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0661 - Copy
20160505Lances Right water-IMG_0663 - Copy

Written by:
Grant Davis

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