When you’re a grom your stoked to explore what’s around the next headland from your local beach in a Summer Nor’ Easter. You seek the next challenge, a different type of wave, or even just shelter from the wind.

As you get older and more proficient at the art of wave riding you inevitably feel the urge to go and test yourself up or down the coast, and eventually, you need to challenge yourself on a surf charter boat in the Mentawai Islands or Maldives Atolls, to surf the endless array of reefbreaks to suit all styles and levels.



Everyone has to do it once!
Some are fortunate enough to do it every year or two!



When it comes to organizing a surf charter escape, there’s absolutely nothing that compares to rounding up a group of mates, booking a boat to the Mentawais or Maldives and spending maximum time in the water. Perfect Wave provide the best, experienced surf guides, crew who know exactly where to go in what swell and wind direction, and where best to dodge crowds and what best suits your crew’s appetite and level.



Perfect Wave work with the world’s best charter boat operators in the Mentawai, Banyaks and Telos and operate our own charters in the Maldives.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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