The Perfect Wave hosted a unique “Legends Trip” with Bob McTavish’s at the luxurious Telo Island Lodge in late February.

Six everyday surfers snapped up the opportunity to book a spot on the first The Perfect Wave Legends Trip of 2013. The crew were treated to quality, uncrowded waves in the head-high range and above the entire trip.

For information regarding TPW’s up coming Legends or Heroes trips with the likes of Rabbit Bartholomew, Barton Lynch and Matt Hoy click HERE.

Bob McTavish at Telo Island Lodge
Bob McTavish at Telo Island Lodge

Bob and 6 other lucky TPW clients that booked their spots on this trip were treated to quality consistent and uncrowded waves in a head-high range.

Bob wrote on his blog:

Yesterday was undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of surf in my whole sixty years of waves! … Our trusty surf guide Dane Pioli had us aimed for his favourite wave in the island group called GT’s, after Grant Thomas, the great long boarder from the Sunshine Coast. He apparently ripped the place some years back. … Telos is fantastic! A huge variety of waves just a short boat ride away, or else hit the power right out front! It’s a surf-blokes paradise, and so far, completely uncrowded. Get in touch with Perfect Wave and book in next February while there are still spaces. Just 8 surfers at any time, and the next 12 months are pretty full up already! Stoked!

Below please check out some shots from the Telo Island Lodge trip with Bob and click here to read the whole blog post by Bob.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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