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we have just received an e-mail from our friends at Aloita Resort and Spa in Mentawai. Just like us, they are excited about 2012 season being their best and are committed to bringing all surfers the best experience in Mentawai.

Mentawai Dreaming from Serge Shakuto on Vimeo.

For 2012 early season, they offer the following specials:

  • In February, 25% discount on all bungalow rates.
  • In March, stay 7 days pay 6! Stay 14 days pay 11!!!
  • Happy Valentine in Aloita: from 5th to 20th February 2012: one free massage in their Spa to all couples.
  • Easter in Aloita: from the 01st to the 15th April 2012: 15% discount on all bungalow rates and 1 free Aloita t-shirt to all guests.

Our client testimonials:

Seb (November 2011):

Had an absolutely amazing time! Found the perfect place – a combination of tropical island paradise and surf heaven. Was there for 10 days and will be back asap. Location: Tropical island straight out of a travel brochure. Close to Mentawai capital Tua Pejat which allows for different transport options to get to the resort. Also allowed the staff to quickly stash up on supplies such as fresh groceries. Has a hill in case you’re worried about Tsunamis. Resort: Set nicely into the palm trees close to the shore but still hidden. Well-groomed garden and paths to the bungalows, really beautiful. Bar has pool and ping pong tables. Bungalow: Very clean, AC, fan, spacious, enough power outlets even for different plugs (Indo/European + Malysia style). Individual patio in the back for surfboards and wet gear, verandah in the front looking to the ocean. No mould, which is amazing considering the climate! Each bungalow has its own beach access path, lovely. Service: As an addict to Indonesian food, each meal was absolute bliss. Lunch and dinner consisted of several different Indonesian and international dishes. Everything was very fresh and healthy. Besides the food, the managers and staff did everything to make my stay as pleasant as possible. Royal treatment!! Surf: Was there in November. While not getting epic waves, I was lucky with swell and surfed pretty much by myself 80% of the sessions. Many lefthanders in the area. Value for money: In comparison to surf charters, I got so much more out of my money at Aloita. Not only did I have my own room but my own bungalow. Additionally, everything was superclean, it was totally quiet besides swaying palm trees and there was room to move (i.e., you could walk on the beach, visit Tua Pejat or other islands etc.). On a boat for the same price, I would most likely have to share a cabin and be stuck on a small patch of moving real estate. Plus, if you’re unlucky you have to put up with engine noise and cockroaches on a boat. Overall, I can only recommend the resort. Did not have one negative experience. It’s actually quite impressive what they have achieved considering the circumstances (remoteness etc.). 5 stars hands down. Room Tip: Stayed in Bungalow 1 which is just in reach of the Wi-Fi and close to restaurant, bar and jetty.

Kim and Glenn:

Hi Gina, Can’t believe we’ve been home from Sumatra for over a month and its taken me this long to send you an email! Life is so chaotic – no wonder we need holidays!! Glenn and I had a great time at Aloita – really loved the resort – the accommodation, food, cleanliness, massages, friendly staff etc etc were all first class. Glenn had some great waves – although he broke one of his boards in half, but at least it was less luggage for the trip home) and we had perfect weather. The beach at the resort was beautiful for me while he was off surfing and I had some great snorkelling within metres of the sand. It was sooo relaxing and we loved every minute. We hired motorbikes one day with another couple we met at Aloita and went for a ride and trek through the jungle up to a waterfall, which was pretty hard going but was good to do something different – unbelievably hot and humid – I don’t know how people can do the Kokoda Trail!!! I guess the only downside to its remoteness, as mentioned on the website, is getting there and back. If we did it again, I think we would try to book a room on the day of arrival rather than just hanging around Padang, although the guy who collected us from the airport was lovely and showed us all around the area. We found the Ambu Ambu ferry quite ok thanks to our air conditioned cabin – we were so tired after the flight that we slept the whole way. But after mentioning to Monica and Marco at Aloita that we were going to do the return trip on the other ferry, they strongly recommended that we didn’t – I think Marco had previously had a really bad experience on it – so they ended up booking us on the speedboat transfer back, as a group of Australian guys’ arrival on the speedboat coincided with our departure. I kept remembering what you had said about it being the worst 3 hours but the weather had been so good we decided to give it a try. The good news was that it only took 3 1/2 hours and we were back on dry land in Padang staying at the Hotel Pangeran Beach Hotel, which Monica booked us into. The bad news was that the weather turned bad the morning that we had to leave and I guess it was pretty much a nightmare trip. After about an hour and a half I really wondered how I was going to get through it, but of course there wasn’t much other choice, and after running into a tropical storm and getting lost for a while in blinding rain, we eventually arrived. Yes, the longest 3 1/2 hours of my life – and I think every muscle in our bodies ached for about a week after from trying to hang on while we bounced around in the swell. Still, it’s all part of the adventure I guess – but would extend or do anything to use the Ambu Ambu if we go again. But apart from all that, we both had a fantastic time – it is such a beautiful remote part of the world and we’d really love to go back one day. So thanks for all your organising – We’re already starting to wonder what we might do next year, so hopefully will be in touch again at some stage to book another trip! Best wishes

Check out the above video or below photo gallery to for a taste of the surf experience Aloita Resort and Spa offers:

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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