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Uli from Kingfisher Bay Resort – Mentawai has just sent us the following surf report, enjoy!

Mentawai surf report
Mentawai surf report

A week at the Lances…

The two Lances (Right & Left) have been putting on quite a performance for a small audience during the the last set of seven days. The pick of the sessions happening early in the week at Lances Right with glorious 3 to 5 foot draining kegs, light offshore winds and just a handful of very, very excited surfers.

Not to be completely outdone by its show off right handed neighbour, Lances Left consistently produced straight lines, whackable lips and a few shacks of its own for anyone with two legs and a surfboard (which wasn’t many). There were also a few waves at the beachie and a wave or two at Bintangs, but it was undoubtedly Lance and Lance who stole the show last week.

Enjoy the photos!

Uli from Kingfisher Bay Resort – Mentawai

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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