News of the Mentawai getting back-to-back swells over the last few weeks had the boys from Yamba, NSW, Australia coming in hot and landing themselves in the thick of it on board D’Bora Mentawai surf charter.

Non-stop waves, the best barrel we’ve seen all season, a close moment in the keyhole at Lances Right and not many boats around made this an unforgettable trip.

From the get go we were on: Captain Tanuir had us on the spot for first light on the first day at Lances Right where we were greeted by an empty line-up and some clean 4-6ft drainers.

From there it didn’t let up, empty line-ups kept greeting us; 6ft Lances Left, 6-8ft Greenbush, 4ft Rags Right and 3ft glassy as it gets Thunders.


We kept shuffling and the waves kept coming. The boys ate the boat out of food, drained the beer supply, let off a few fire works and capped it off at the Lances Right show with 8ft roll ins.

Those are the happy endings you come to Mentawai for!

2017 is coming around quick and bookings are starting to fill.

If there are dates you are interested in for either of the boats, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get you front row seats for some waves like these!

Words Nick O’Brien. Photos C/O D’Bora Mentawai surf charter












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Perfect Wave

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