Travellers’ Tales – Matanivusi Resort Fiji, Mid August 2014
The Perfect Wave Guest Interview Series
Interview by Ben Horvath
| photos by Paul Blom and 1x saltmotion photography 

Paul Blom is a fit, 59-year-old experienced surfer from Sydney’s northern beaches. Paul recently returned from an extremely enjoyable surf holiday with his wife Jacqui, surfing at Matanivusi Resort Fiji (August 11 to 21, 2014)

Paul kindly shared a bunch of excellent images from his trip and was only too happy to share some important tips and insights into what made his couples escape so memorable. He hopes to go back in the coming years. I will let him tell you why…


How many days did you have waves?

I surfed on 6 days – a few days with Jacqui as well.

What was the predominant swell direction, and how was the wind?

Predominantly SSW swell, the winds varied from offshore to cross shore. Some very strong offshore one day.

Where did you guys do most of your surfing at Matanivusi?

Mainly Frigates, and Fiji pipe a couple of days.

Looks like you scored a couple of mad days at Frigates?

Yeah it was way overhead a couple of days – very challenging.

What were the best set ups or your fav waves up there?

Both Pipe and Frigates are awesome – small crowds, pretty much just our resort guys.

How many times have you been to Fiji?

Twice, I did a trip to Plantation Island about 10 years ago, I scored one day, but it was nothing like we had on the Coral Coast..


Tell us a bit about the whole experience surfing at Matanivusi Resort Fiji?

Matanivusi was exceptional, really nice vibe, with high quality rooms and facilities. They did everything for you, nothing was ever too much trouble. There were 4 boats always ready to take you out surfing/snorkeling/fishing etc. Brian knows the waves well and would be on the money with his picks for the day. The hot tub after a day surfing was hard to beat. Jacqui had a great relaxing time, we met some great people from the U.S, Gold Coast, Manly and Brazil. I especially liked the small intimate feel of the resort, you feel like part of the family.

Why Fiji?

Close, good waves and reasonably priced.

Take us through an average day?

6.30am breakfast, board Noosa Cat at 7am, 40 mins to Frigates, hook up to mooring, check the waves, paddle out looking where to sit, morning session, lunch, early arvo session then back into the hot tub with a beer.

What type of boards did you take to Fiji?

6’6 and 6’10 single fins – very fast and good paddlers.

Would you go back again and would you recommend it to crew?

Absolutely recommend the Matanivusi Resort, you pay a bit more but you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket to take the boat (like other places) and they have heaps of other toys, the girls are pampered and the food and wine was quality.

Any final advice or tips for crew heading to Fiji?

If the waves are big go your 7ft board with volume. Most of the guys with smaller boards struggled. Don’t believe the surf forecasts – it was very different to the forecasts.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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