November isn’t famous for delivering solid south swells through the South Pacific to Fiji, but if you keep your eyes on the charts and are lucky enough to strike the world class waves Fiji is known for, think Cloudbreak and friends, you too could strike uncrowded gold.

Over our 7 days surfing in Fiji, we scored several sessions surfing the best waves Fiji has to offer– Restaurants, Wilkes, Desperations and a fun sized Cloudbreak.

A highlight was a perfect 4ft Restaurants when the swell peaked on day 3 and 4.

The swell arrived on schedule, fully delivering the forecasted height and period. Unfortunately there seemed to be a significant secondary swell that put a solid wobble in the face, making the already infamous big wave location of Cloudbreak all the more daunting.

Waves were scored, skin was lost, the vibe was great ,and all the lads who made the trip to score a solid Cloudbreak Fiji weren’t disappointed.

Bula Vinaka

Photos and story by Andy Potts.

18-no-takers_preview 17-michael-schwab-in-perfect-position-at-cloudbreak_preview 16-in-position-but-not-in-position_preview 15-cloudbreak-judging-tower-now-for-rent-_preview 12-cloudbreak-from-below_preview 13-namotu-island-surf-guide-and-for-good-reason_preview 11-jito-chadha-finding-some-open-face-out-at-cloudbreak_preview 10-slotted-at-cloudbreak_preview 2-tavarua-restaurants-and-namotu-line-up_preview

3-tavarua-locals-are-truely-amoungst-the-happiest-and-caring-islanders-out-there-bula-vinaka_preview9-when-the-swell-arrives-at-cloudbreak-but-your-too-sure-where-ot-sit-another-empty-rolls-on-through_preview 7-tavarua-island-life-guard-steve-slotted-out-front_preview 6-local-fijian-super-grommet-thomas-coming-out-of-another-fun-restaurants-tube_preview 5-tavarua-chief-aca-ravulo-lit-up-restaurants-daily-with-his-endless-power-surfing_preview 14-cloudbreak-in-early-november_preview 4-restaurants-beginning-to-fire-up_preview 20-local-kava-ceremony-to-give-our-thanks-to-the-lsland-and-her-people_preview


Written by:
Andy Potts

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