Kandui Villas is a slick, Eco-conscious family Resort, located in the heart of the Mentawai, in the prolific Playgrounds Region.

In short – its wave central, there’s a wave for pretty much every level of surfer.

Jordan Heuer set up Kandui Villas to provide a clean, safe resort option for surf travellers to feel comfy and confident enough to bring their partners and families along for the holiday.

Perfect Wave Travel’s Ben Horvath caught up with Kandui Villas owner/operator/waterman Jordan Hauer to discuss early season in the Ment’s to date.

Perfect Wave – How many seasons have you done in the Mentawai now Jordan?

Jordan – “I have done 20 seasons here in the Mentawais and 18 years of that I was living here year round.”

How has early season 2019 been so far?

“It has been firing this early season but that is pretty normal for the Mentawai Islands. It can pump any day of the year here.”

Where have you and your guests been surfing?

“The guests have been surfing all over our island and to the nearby surrounding islands depending on swell direction, wind direction and tides.”

How have the crowds been in the water?

We have been surfing empty and uncrowded line-ups for the majority of the time. We know when and where to go and although luck has a lot to do with it, local knowledge has more to do with it.

How’s your vibe & season 2019 shaping up in terms of the weather patterns and early swells? Are you feeling like its going to be a good year?

“So far this year has had consistently fun to epic surf almost every day of the week. It has been a non-stop score fest for the entire month of April. I never know in advance how the waves and weather will be here. The weather is so unpredictable here but one thing is certain, that the waves will be firing this year as they do every year. There is no better place on the planet for the variety of good waves of all shapes and sizes, in such a condensed zone as we have here. The weather here is completely unpredictable year round, with no wet season and dry season as they have in Bali. It can be rain or shine or rain and shine on any day of the year. The most beautiful thing about the ever changing winds around here is that there is pretty much always going to be some surf spot that is clean and with off shore winds.”

Tell our readers a little bit about the amazing set up there at Kandui Villas. What are guests choices of breaks on the daily surf front?

“We have easy lefts and rights, intermediate lefts and rights, as well as some of the fastest, hollowest most perfect advanced waves on the planet, all right here on this amazing Karamajat island. There is really something for everyone here.”


Most know you have No Kandui left straight out front, and one of the world’s best rights, Rifles, a very short dinghy ride up the reef away, what are the other go to options nearby for guests?

“Right out in front of our swimming pool we have small gentle waves at Kanna’s for beginners. Up the point from that is Kandui Left which is known as a heavy, super fast hollow break, and it is when it is big, but when it is smaller it can be a rippable fun wave for small tubes and turns, and can also be really fun for long boarding as well. On the other end of the resort is Baby Kandui, which depending on the size, can be anything from a gentle easy long board break, or a long fun wave with many turn sections break, to a triple over head 20 second freight train tube ride and everything in between depending on the swell size and direction. Around the corner we have gentle, easy Malibu Right breaking off the sand island.

“Further around the corner is playgrounds left and right which is a great place for beginners to intermediates to get long, perfect easy, fun waves. Past that is 4 Bobs, which is a fun, easy waves that has a nice wall for big carves. A not well known break is the inside reforms at 4 Bobs during high tides. It is the perfect place for kids and beginners to learn on with long, gentle rolling Waikiki type waves. Outside, in front of 4 Bobs is the picturesque, playful, fun A-frames (left hander) breaking off the front of a small palm covered island.

“Up the point from 4 Bobs is the rarely surfed Razor Blades, which is usually too small and fast, but on the right swell direction with a big enough swell and high enough tide it can be a really lightning fast, and sometimes makeable right hander. Up from Razor Blades is Rifles and up from that there can sometimes be a few fun bowls to be had on the right day.”

Lets catch up in another month and get another surf re
port from the frontlines?

“Sounds good, and I look forward to it. Today and especially this afternoon was really good out front at Kandui Left and it was only our guests out all day scoring with no other charters or land camps even coming by to have a sniff at it.”

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