I am always being asked by guests at our all girls surf retreat, Surf Bikini Nosara why Playa Guiones, Nosara is such a great beach for learning to surf. The truth is the answer is really quite simple, but in many ways my response is not what people expect to hear.  After having surfed Playa Guiones for the past 11 years pretty much every day, I think people expect to hear me say that it is a great surfing beach due to the waves consistency coupled with it being a very soft, user-friendly, forgiving wave.   But the real underlying reason Playa Guiones is unique and different from other beaches in Costa Rica is the true “Pura Vida” vibe is so alive. This is the only beach I know where when you are just beginning to take your first waves you will  be hearing loud hooting and encouragement from the lineup of  local surfers in the water. The friendliness and encouragement you receive from the locals is not only heartwarming, but makes the entire experience at our surf retreat Surf Bikini Nosara unforgettable.  Surfing Playa Guiones is magical because of the warm , friendly  smiles that will  surround you from the moment you touch the sand.  To me that makes Playa Guiones, Nosara  a great beach  !!!!!!!!

Monty Murphrey

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