Listening to the current crop of short sighted politicians that are clearly only really interested in self preservation over ocean and planet preservation, one can’t help but be concerned for the future of our kids, our oceans, our planet, our environment, our surfing lifestyle!

Seriously this tabloid-media driven simplistic division – left vs.right, greeny versus capitalist, dumbing down diatribe is surely formulated to divide us and stall meaningful change. This false dichotomy is pitting us against each other rather than bringing us together.



I say we all invoke the infamous “You’re either with us or against us” catch cry that Bush proclaimed decades back when he and his political allies tried to create a pretext for the unjustified and unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

The ocean loving community can be much smarter and be a positive, collective force – using people power and turning it’s back on the politicians. The community must say to the political classes “You’re either with us or against us when it comes to preserving the oceans and environment we live in”



Right now our collective apathy, the political class and or system is failing future generations. Bottom line – it is all about RESPECT. We either RESPECT the environment, our oceans, our fellow humans or we don’t? It really is that simple!

Why did i editorialize my personal viewpoint in a Perfect Wave blog?

Guess i’m just really sick of all the lefty/right wing categorisations in the media and on social platforms.

The ocean is the one love we all share as surfers!



Our oceans, our planet is being disrespected by us all. The future of the planet isn’t a Murdoch promoted footy game. The future is not Conservatives v Progressives or whatever.

I simply think we humans should be smarter and eliminate politics from the discussion.

The debate’s well over, the science has been in for decades, the stats are not pretty reading.
You are either selfish, or you care about your fellow humans, animals, species, earth! Period.

Aargh I feel better now.

Let us get on with preserving and looking after our oceans!

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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