Huge step in the right direction this last week with Coles, Woolworths and Harris Farm agreeing to ban lightweight single-use plastic bags by 2018. There are now only three States, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, who have yet to ban lightweight plastic bags. . If you want to be part of this movement, then send an email to the Ministers of NSW, WA and Victoria to increase the pressure to ban the bag in these three remaining states.

We all know that the plastic epidemic is a global issue and one we are tackling daily at our Education and Conservation Centre in the Mentawai Islands. Indonesia produces a staggering 3.2 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste per year and is the world’s second largest contributor to plastic rubbish in the ocean. Just check out this video of the Citarum River Basin in West Java, which is one of the world’s dirtiest rivers to see the impact of globally mismanaged waste and plastic:


This Wednesday 19th July is international Do Something Day!! What are you going to do to make a difference? Below are some suggestions:

  • Send an email to the Ministers of NSW, WA and Victoria to increase the pressure to ban the bag
  • Join us on the journey making the Mentawai plastic free
  • Post on social media what you did to make a sustainable difference and don’t forget to tag #dosomethingday #giveyourbest #aperfectfoundation.

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Another big win this month was a large donation from nearby Awera Mana Lodge, who has become our very first Platinum Sponsor!! This funding will help build our new multi-purpose Education and Conservation Centre and continue making a sustainable difference in the area.


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