Did you know that Indonesia recently ranked last in a landmark education report that measured literacy, test results, graduation rates and other key benchmarks in 50 nations?

Only a third of Indonesian students – in a country where 57 million attend school – complete basic schooling with the education system being plagued by poor teaching and corruption. We all take education for granted and living in a country like Australia, the majority of people have access to a decent school that will set the early foundations for our children’s future.

We here at The Perfect Wave founded A Perfect Foundation, which is a non-profit organization created to empower local communities in remote surf regions globally through education and skill acquisition to make a sustainable difference. We wanted to be able to give back to the island communities, that have allowed us to enjoy their natural resources and homelands.

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Through collaboration and direct support we are dedicated in assisting any way we can with the wants and needs of the local communities, while learning from them at the same time. A Perfect Foundation supports multiple programs through initiatives and fundraising for other established charities in these regions as well as our own community based Collaboration Centre in the Mentawai. This way we are able to make a direct difference where and when it is needed through medical, hygiene, clean water, education, skill acquisition and environmental programs.

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In March 2015 we officially opened the first English and Collaboration Centre in a remote area of the Mentawai Islands. Over the last 18 months, we have enjoyed teaching and learning from the amazing locals of Madapegat. We happily contribute all the funds required to operate our Collaboration Centre which includes operational staff wages, running current programs, school operational costs etc.  We use every dollar to sustain and grow our programs based on the needs and wants of the local community.

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We have outgrown our current school building due to the increasing number of students so we need to look at building a new school ASAP! Your donation would enable us to build a bigger school to accommodate our growing enrollments, as well as expand our programmes to include a recycling program which the locals would like introduced. As a donor, you initiate a partnership with our staff and volunteers helping these local Mentawai children create a future for themselves and their families.

For just a few dollars per month, you can join our latest campaign and help make a real difference in these remote island communities where we all love to surf.

And thanks to our amazing friends at MyGivingCircle, they have just offered to match donations for the month of August up to $500!!

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We can all make a difference, and through caring and collaboration we have the power to connect with people from many diverse cultures and create positive experiences.

Thank you for your support,

Marie Gray 

A Perfect Foundation Coordinator 

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Written by:
Marie Gray

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