The Wave Of Your Life Awaits!

Anyone can get the wave of their life in Bali. It can be challenging, but it is also oh so perfect! The coolest thing is – No matter what level you are at with your surfing, you will find a wave that suits in Bali. Three key words come to mind when I think of Bali. Affordable , consistency

The Top 5 Destinations For Everyone to Surf This Summer

This winter seemed like it would never end. Now that the sun is shining again, and temperatures are climbing back into the shorts and t-shirt range, it’s time to start planning your summer surf holiday. The possibilities are endless, so here’s an attempt to narrow the choices down for you to surf this summer

Springtime Surf Experiences Around the Atlantic

Portugal, Morocco and the Canary Islands are fantastic options for a quick weekend or weeklong springtime surf getaway from the UK and the colder, less wave-rich regions of Europe. The weather is mild, not too hot, nor too cold. There are still plenty of swells from end of season low-pressure systems in the North Atla

How to Choose the Right Beginner Surfboard

Choosing the right beginner surfboard can be tough. To help you decide which surfboard is right for you and the surf conditions, we'll go over the different boards and show what each surfboard looks like and a brief description of what it does and the common dimensions for each board.

The best family surf holiday in the world is….. offering 20% off now!

Kandooma Surf Resort in the Maldives offers the best surf holiday in the world hands down, and right now we are offering 20% off all bookings. Former WCT touring professional Sean Holmes has travelled the world extensively. Sean took his family to Kandooma last September and said, “I can thoroughly recommend Kandooma as the ultimate family surf holiday destination. It has something for everyone. The waves are incredible, the food, diving, accom and everything else was all time.”

GREAT DEAL: Kandooma Resort

Of all the great surf trip destinations, there is one place that I think is the best of the bunch, especially for families, beginners or people learning to surf for the first time. Kandooma Resort in the Maldives is offering 25% off on all bookings and 50% from speedboat airport transfers for any trips between 1 January and 22 April 2017.