Surfing Vanimo: One of the most uncrowded, fun right handers in the world…

More and more surfers are looking beyond the traditional cornerstones of Indo and The Maldives in search of uncrowded waves. Located just to Australia’s north near the equator, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the second largest island in the world. There are all sorts of empty reef set ups and the good news is The Surf Association Abel Reserve spiral management scheme has uniquely created an approach to surfing as a sustainable tourism model that can be applied to other niche tourism sectors around the globe.

Surfing PNG – Perfection on the PNG Explorer

Back From the Blue: PNG Explorer Trip 5. Words and photos by Chris Peel. Greetings from Kavieng harbour, where PNG Explorer is anchored. We have just returned to port from trip 5 and docked loaded to the gunnels with smiles. Huey has been blessing the mighty PNG Explorer despite the dire state of the storms in the North Pacific and we kicked off the last charter all systems go from day one.