A Mixed Mid Year Mentawai Surf Trip. Still my Mac Daddy!

I was lucky enough to get 10 or so days off work and jump on a charter boat the Raja Elang with a crew of mates and get back to the Ments lands this year for what is becoming a biennial tradition - a Mentawai surf trip. This particular trip was a bit of an eye opener for me because on the face of it, in truth it wasn’t quite the perfect trip that we all dream off.

Video: Occy Ripping in the Mentawai

We just returned from Mark Occhilupo's 2016 legends trip at Kandui Resort. I found myself sitting on the front steps of Uma 9 (Occy's Villa) overlooking the incredible and infamous No Kandui wave, it was only 2-3 foot and unsurfable at the time and yet Occy saw potential in every wave that rolled through. He shared stories of early boat trips through the Mentawai Islands and of his epic win at the OP pro which was held at the wave right in front of us... conditions were a little bigger that day.

2016 Mentawai Surf Season Review

Well, sadly we have come to the end of what everyone universally regards peak Mentawai surf season. March through October is when an endless procession of S and SW swells light up the Indian Ocean. Mid to late October is the time of the year when many sit back and reminisce on the swells experienced during the 2016 Mentawai surf season, and start planning next year’s charter or land resort holiday.