Hoodoo Gurus Are Coming To Surf Music In Paradise 2019

“That’s My Scene? Gurus Do Maldives!”   For 30 years the Hoodoo Gurus have consistently been one of the most inventive, lyrically smart and fun rock’n’roll bands Australia has ever produced. They’ve done it with style, panache and a wicked sense of humour. Surf Music In Paradise festivals to date have all been “Best ever” experiences.…

The Top 5 Destinations For Everyone to Surf This Summer

This winter seemed like it would never end. Now that the sun is shining again, and temperatures are climbing back into the shorts and t-shirt range, it’s time to start planning your summer surf holiday. The possibilities are endless, so here’s an attempt to narrow the choices down for you to surf this summer

Real or Unreal | Wave Pool or Natural Swell

The Perfect Wave’s dearly valued contributor and roaming photographic ambassador Andy Potts was extremely appreciative for being invited to both ride and photograph The Ranch recently. Hope you enjoyed Andy’s exclusive clip of The Ranch and the comparison to a natural wave pool like the Maldives.

GREAT DEAL: Kandooma Resort

Of all the great surf trip destinations, there is one place that I think is the best of the bunch, especially for families, beginners or people learning to surf for the first time. Kandooma Resort in the Maldives is offering 25% off on all bookings and 50% from speedboat airport transfers for any trips between 1 January and 22 April 2017.