The Experience Behind Your Mentawai Surf Charter

The story behind the surfers who pioneered the Mentawai is already well documented. Legendary surfers and boat operators like Martin Daly, John Mcgroder and Chris Scurrah, among others, are rightfully recognised for their part in the discovery and creation of a surf travel industry in the Mentawai.   However, the untold story is that of…

Carpe Vita Is The Surf Charter Fit For Surfing Legends

Carpe Vita was built by some of the most experienced Maldivian craftsmen. This luxurious 38m (125ft) charter boat is all about full service surf and dive experiences in the Maldives. When we ask our surf ambassadors their pick of the fleet for cruising around and surfing their way through the Maldives, their choice

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Surfers are definitely one of the most nomadic of tribes. Whether we’re on recreational surfaris with friends, cruisey island hops with a partner, styling at a family resort or just moving onto greener pastures for variety’s sake, we are by nature a gang of explorers constantly searching for fresh frontiers