Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Surfers are definitely one of the most nomadic of tribes. Whether we’re on recreational surfaris with friends, cruisey island hops with a partner, styling at a family resort or just moving onto greener pastures for variety’s sake, we are by nature a gang of explorers constantly searching for fresh frontiers

And the best place to be in October is …..

I hope you had a fantastic summer! Here at The Perfect Wave, we know a place where people definitely enjoyed theirs: Down in the southwest of France the bars, restaurants, surf shops and line-ups were overflowing with people having the trip of a lifetime in one of surfing’s dream destinations. As lovely as it may be in summer, there is no better time to visit the surf capital of Europe than the month of October. The water is still warm, the swells are more consistent, and there aren’t as many people jockeying for spots in the line-up or seats at the bar. Best of all, if you time it right, you may cross paths with one of your heroes in Hossegor, when the world’s best surfers come to town for the Pro France surf contest from 4 to 15 October.