Focus On Improving Your Surfing At Padang Padang Surf Camp

Padang Padang Bali Surf Camp specialises in teaching complete newbies who have never surfed before.   Located in arguably the world’s best surfing destination, Bali, Padang Padang Surf Camp is one of the best surf camps in Bali because of their guides, training program and prime location near many great surf spots. A key highlight…

Eat, Sleep, Surf Repeat at Kima Canggu Surf Camp

Fall completely into the eat-sleep-surf-repeat rhythm in Canggu, famous for its serene rice fields away from the hectic traffic and tourist centres to the South.   Kima Canggu puts particular emphasis on providing the authentic Balinese experience. The island lifestyle design of Kima Canggu surf camp with its traditional grass roof, chill-out areas, sun terrace…

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Surfers are definitely one of the most nomadic of tribes. Whether we’re on recreational surfaris with friends, cruisey island hops with a partner, styling at a family resort or just moving onto greener pastures for variety’s sake, we are by nature a gang of explorers constantly searching for fresh frontiers

Is this the longest wave ever surfed at Uluwatu?

Ok, measuring the length of a wave is a bit inconsequential, especially since the WSL hasn’t taken into account the length of the ride in its rating criteria for a very long time.   Nevertheless, Eloy Lorenzo’s ride at Uluwatu is next level! Locals claim it’s among the longest waves ever surfed at Uluwatu.   Some claim a tow-in doesn’t count, but tow-in…

Perfect Wave X Coastalwatch Indo Surfboard Guide 2018

The 2018 Coastalwatch Indo Surfboard Guide presented by The Perfect Wave is your ultimate guide to the newest boards on the market that will make your trip to the tropics much more enjoyable. Tim Hanrahan from Aloha Manly Style walks us through the ins and outs of the newest technology and what to look for in a board