Australia’s East Coast As Good As It Gets!

The first week of July 2019 delivered some of the cleanest, most enjoyable mid-size waves of the year to date.The other two highlight swells of the year on Australia's East Coast were the Cyclone Oma swell back in late February, and the May 7 South Tease. Outside of the two above mentioned highlight

You Should’a Been Here Yesterday!

2019 East Coast Australia Surf Report to date. South of Sydney on Tuesday morning May 7. -Photo Clarrie Bouma.   The first real swell of the year hit Sydney and surrounds on Tuesday May 7 and flashbacks to Cyclone Oma remind everyone their could, and indeed should be better days ahead? . Words by Ben Horvath.…

Forever Searching For Pure Stoke

The average non surfer (poor sods) usually doesn’t have much of a clue about the lure of the surfing lifestyle- the pure stoke surfers feel whilst riding every single wave. As the marketing catch cry goes “Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling.” Snowboarders, skateboarders or even wakeboarders can kinda relate, but what

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Surfers are definitely one of the most nomadic of tribes. Whether we’re on recreational surfaris with friends, cruisey island hops with a partner, styling at a family resort or just moving onto greener pastures for variety’s sake, we are by nature a gang of explorers constantly searching for fresh frontiers

Surfing Lennox from Then to Now, the Book

This story of surfing within the Lennox National Surfing Reserve area is presened it in a 104 page full colour book that is going to be launched at the Love Lennox Festival on June 2nd in Ballina Street Lennox. We’ve gone back as far as we can in researching the story right up to today and are