Our sponsored surfer Bijou Busse send us her update from Bali:

Hi Guys

I have just returned from an impulse, spare of the moment trip to Bali! Which I must admit was brought on by an afternoon of browsing the Perfect Wave Web site!

Easing back into things after injury, I didn’t throw myself in to anything too crazy, (although tempting!) I was lucky enough to score epic clean conditions and consistent swell.

Upon landing on the tropical island, I cabed it straight to my families house in northern legain, Lucky enough to have a home base to go to, I eased in to things. Spending a few days cruising the streets, buzzing around on motos and surfing the local legain beachy- Which I must say delivered fun little peaks & ramps which made for hours of fun! Although far from a perfect reef break, the rip bowel left hander peaks still proved consistent day in, day out. Coming from a south coast winter, a fun, warm beachy was just what the doctor ordered.

Read more here: http://bijoubusse.blogspot.com/2011/10/bali.html

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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