by Peter Curilla

G’day friends,

most of you, and all of us here at TPW, already know it: Life is better when you surf! Whether we send you on a boat charter off Mentawai, family holiday at a resort in Samoa or a honeymoon in the Maldives – it’s always an amazing experience. We just got a letter from Kate, who learned to surf with MojoSurf Tours and she absolutely loved it! If you want to learn to surf, just do it  – you will never look back.

Nothing says holiday like bare feet, sun-kissed salty skin and sand in your hair. By the same token, nothing screams awesome good times as much as learning to surf with the Mojo Surf crew at Creso. Booking my January surf trip was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. In fact, I can’t believe it took me so long to get my arse in gear and embrace the idea that as an Aussie, I was clearly born to surf.

But it’s the way the Mojo crew do it that made this a trip I’ve been raving about to EVERYONE I know since the day I got back. It’s all taken care of; the transport, the surfboards, the wetsuits, the lessons, the food, the chilling out around the table or the bonfire and the crazy dance moves for those who dare. You just rock up and enjoy the surfing, the music, the beach, the drinking, the games and even the loving (if you’re lucky enough).

And it didn’t even matter that I’m not some 5’10” tall bronzed surfer with perfect technique. That crazy crew managed to take little old me, with my glow-in-the-dark white skin and less than average natural talent and turn me into a competent surfer chick who has enough of the basics down to head out for a surf on a long board, whenever I feel like it, for the rest of my days. And hey…who doesn’t want to be living that dream? Because when it comes down to it, nothing says freedom like paddling out on a board to bob around in the ocean for a while before catching a wave. I reckon that’s about as close to walking on water that I’m ever going to get…and that feeling is priceless. I will chase it til I’m too arthritic to stand on my board, and then I’ll just knee board or paddle til I die.

What made it even better were the fantastic people I met on my trip. Even during the first few minutes of the first lesson we bonded over our hilarious attempts to stand up and our complete lack of flair when it came to falling off or getting dumped by a wave that was surely less than a foot high. It was onward and upward from there and I can’t believe how much we improved, even in just our five short days, not to mention how much I miss those guys and the unforgettable antics of the Mojo crew.

Now that I’m back at work I tend to find myself day dreaming about my surf trip, looking forward to my next one. I drew this picture during my first meeting for the year as I calculated how long it will be before I go again. I’ve taped it to my says it all.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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