by Ben Horvath | video by | music by Glass Animals | some footage courtesy of Jesse Outram, Joel Scott and Craig Halstead

Adam Bennetts is a quintessential lifestyle-first surfer.

You would go a long way before you will find a surfer who is Living the dream more than Adam is.

He basically lives life surfing by day, and having a good time at night.

Adam is a DJ – aha, that’s how he makes rent.

He spends the cyclone season at home on the Gold Coast, and then shoots over to Indo to secure more tube time when the water starts to cool on the east coast of Australia.

This clip was shot last week during the Cyclone Marcia east swell.

While most crew were dodging crowds and jet ski’s on the Superbank and at Kirra, Adam was chasing chunky, murky pits at Burleigh Cove.

Yes, Kirra was draining! But hell, it was crowded.

Just up the road Currumbin and Burleigh were pumping too, minus much of the hype.

Much of the footage was shot by Adam himself with his trusty Go Pro.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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