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Beqa (pronounced Benga) Lagoon, surrounded by one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, lies just 8 km South off Viti Levu, just 130 km from international airport Nadi a short distance from world class surf break Frigates Pass. This intimate resort features 25 deluxe private air-conditioned bures spread out beneath the lush tropical landscape. Each of these generously-sized mini-suites are beautifully appointed with traditional island décor.
Quick Facts

      • Nearby Frigates Pass
      • 4 quality breaks
      • stunning beachfront bures
      • world-class diving
      • secluded tropical location
      • close to Airport

Beqa (pronounced Benga) Lagoon, surrounded by one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, lies just 8 km South off Viti Levu, just 130 km from international airport Nadi a short distance from world class surf break Frigates Pass.


The most striking feature of Beqa Lagoon Resort is its seclusion. Only 15 square kilometres, Beqa Island has no roads, no towns and only a few isolated villages scattered around the perimeter. The island is skirted by stretches of sandy beach laced with mysterious tide pools.


Just behind the resort, the land slopes gently upward into a tropical forest. Further into the forest one comes across a fresh water stream descending from a waterfall just about a mile from the resort. Here the thick jungle vegetation occasionally gives way to patches of sweet potatoes, pineapples and taro root, but all in all, the land remains pristine. Tropical flowers bloom everywhere, and the tables at the resort are always filled with fresh cuttings.


If you hike a short way up the hillside, you will find yourself at the base of an impressive waterfall. After cooling off a bit in the pool ,you can hike further up the path. And right at sunset, you hit the top of the trail where you can look out over the entire lagoon. With a little more ambition and time, you could hike to the top of the mountain where you can see the entire island from one place.


This intimate resort features 25 deluxe, private air-conditioned villas (called bures) spread out beneath the lush tropical landscape. Each of these generously-sized mini-suites are beautifully appointed with traditional island décor.

  • 12 stunning beachfront bures grace the shoreline, each with their own private courtyard, large sundeck and cool plunge pool. One of the beachfront bures is designated as a Honeymoon Bure featuring premium ocean views, upgraded contemporary interior and even a romantic outdoor shower.
  • 6 charming bures surround the koi pond and 3 very private bures are tucked away in the garden.


For families or groups, we suggest one of their 4 comfortable and spacious two-bedroom bures. Each of these are about 1,000 square feet with 2 private bedrooms and a large living and dining room area.  Enjoy soothing ocean views from your private patio or balcony.


Meals are served in the casual elegance of the spacious open-air Bure Kalou.
The chef Laniana "LaLa" prepares a wide variety of dishes that amaze even the most experienced gourmet. Enjoy fine dining with a magnificent range of taste sensations including fresh local fish, vegetables and fruit, New Zealand lamb, Australian beef and incredible desserts. There are plenty of choices to quench your thirst - imported wines, Fijian beer, fresh squeezed juice and refreshing spring water.


Sit around the bar and enjoy one of two local bands that perform for you every night. The Fijians have the sweetest voices on Earth and hearing them singing will reassure you are in paradise. Each week you can enjoy traditional Fijian performance, meke, through which Fijians express themselves and narrate stories of their life. You will be able to see the women dancing and singing and ancient dance of warriors.

  • Fire walking ceremony
  • Traditional kava ceremony
  • Coconut show
Surf & Other Activities

Viti Levu Surf Breaks:

  • J’s – J’s is a hollow, fast wave that breaks from 2’ to 6’. It’s best around the high tide with winds from NE to W. It needs some west in the swell to run down the reef.
  • Shifties – This wave has a deep water take off making the break a ‘not too threatening’ ride. This outside point of the barrier reef picks up all the swell and can be double the size of J’s and Vunaniu. It is powerful and thick. When everywhere else is flat, you can almost guarantee a 4-foot wave at Shifties. It can be surfed at all tides. Again, a wind of the north quadrant is needed.
  • Vunaniu – Vananiu is a short wedging right which has a bowl section at the end, usually smaller than other breaks. This would be a good option for the kids. It does get good. It’s best at high tide
  • Frigates - Definitely a world-class left that can rival Cloudbreak for power, size and consistency. Because of the gradual tapering of the reef, it can handle all swell sizes. The SE trade winds are offshore, so when the inside waves near Matanivusi are blown out, there is always the consistent Frigates. Because it’s out in the ocean, about 20 kilometres from Matanivusi, it picks up all swell. However, some west in the swell can make it a bit dicey. It definitely makes the end section stand up! Frigates is accessed by a number of resorts and can get crowded. However, once the swell gets up over 10’, there is a drop in the numbers tackling the waves. A longer board is recommended to tackle the big drops and strong offshore winds.


Diving - Dive Beqa Lagoon Resort formerly known as Marlin Bay Resort.
“One of the best dive sites in the world” (Dive Magazine).
“Top Dive Resort in the World” (Scuba Diving Magazine).


Surrounded by over 190 miles of spectacular coral, Beqa Lagoon is one of the worlds largest barrier reefs. Diving these calm protected waters is like exploring another world. The water is clear and warm, visibility is typically over 100 feet, currents are mild, and the water temperature stays a fairly constant 80 F (26.5 C). Many of the most spectacular dive sights are only a few minutes from shore, and if you stayed long enough, you could explore over 100 different sights! The Dive Masters at Beqa Lagoon have been diving in these waters since they were children and are some of the most caring people you ever meet. The divers know every reef and coral head, and if you stay close they will show you some of the most intriguing creatures ever... blue ribbon eels, clown triggers, lion fish, leaf scorpions, reef sharks and millions of colourful anthias and fusiliers all abound in these waters


Fishing at Beqa Lagoon is favoured all year around. It is simply great for everyone. Troll for the adrenaline rush, experience the thrill of fighting with a yellow fin tuna. Beqa lagoon's waters haven’t been extensively explored, so you always come with a good game. July to November is great for black marlin hunt. July through August is the best time if you are after blue marlin, wahoo and spanish mackerel. June is the month when the water boils with yellow tuna and February is the time for barracuda. They have big fast boats and the best equipment to insure your hunt is always successful


Snorkel – put on a mask and fins anytime. One of the resort’s distinctive features is that coral reef heads thrive just a few feet from the beach. Even if you do not dive, you will be able to see many wonders of Beqa Lagoon, such as clown fish, lion fish, lobsters, live corals and lots of other tropical creatures. Or, you could take an Open Water Diving Course and become a PADI certified diver


Kayaking – grab a single or double kayak and explore the secluded islands and beautiful beaches. They have both single and double kayaks.


If you are into power motor sports, they can offer you waterskiing or tube riding.


Secluded island picnic is another way to spend your time – a boat will take you to a tiny island, where you can snorkel and bath on the sun.


Hiking – hike to a waterfall or to the top of the mountain, visit the local villages or see the WWII American gun site.


Play volleyball, horse shoes or croquet and see if you can beat the locals.


Rafting on a Fijian river is another adventure you could choose. Together with famous Rivers Fiji, they offer a wide selection of trips.


Island hopping is another option – they will provide you with a boat and driver, and you are the only one who chooses the direction.


Bird watching – Beqa has one of the biggest varieties of birds in Fiji.


Culture - One of the big advantages is a huge cultural experience you can get on Beqa. As they are located close to Fijian villages, they arrange village visits with their guides. You can see how the Fijians live - the lifestyle that changed very little over the last hundred of years. Visit to local school is a big event – the kids love guests and set up great performances for them.

On any given week, just a few feet from the Bure Kalou, the guests of Beqa Lagoon have the exclusive privilege of witnessing the sacred fire walking ceremony. Early in the day, young men from the neighboring village carry large branches to the resort and build an enormous bonfire underneath a pile of stones. When the fire is low and the stones are glowing red, the warriors reappear in ceremonial dress. The eldest begins a deep resonant chant, and slowly, one by one, the very young to the very old walk carefully across the scalding stones. In 1994, a group of reporters from National Geographic visited this resort to document the sacred fire walking ceremony. They were accompanied by a scientist who measured the heat of the stones at over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (650 degrees Celsius). He also examined the firewalkers thoroughly although could offer no explanation as to what makes the ceremony possible.

On Wednesday, you can participate in famous kava ceremony. In Fiji, the drink yaqona (kava) played an important part in public business and social life. Made from the dried roots of the shrub Piper methysticum, the kava root is cut into small pieces and then grated to a pulp and steeped in water.

Meke, the traditional Fijian dance and singing show, is not to be missed.
And of course, visit to the nearby capital of Fiji, Suva, can be a great experience for you.

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7 nights Koi / Garden Villa (2 pax share) Villa Please enquire Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
7 nights Beachfront / Ocean View Villa (2 pax share) Villa Please enquire Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
7 nights Two Bedroom Suite (4 pax share) Suite Please enquire Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
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  • Return airport transfers (boat & ground)
  • Accommodation in deluve air-conditioned Fijian style villa (bure)
  • Full board meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking treks, paddle boarding, daily entertainment 
  • All taxes

Extra charge for children

  • Return airport transfer: $94 / child
  • Full board meals: $40 / child / day 

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Other Surf Experiences

The resort accommodation was fantastic, clean, comfortable and very quite. The food was excellent, and the staff were absolutely wonderful, very friendly, helpful and warm. My two girls aged 5 and 2.5 loved the place and the Fiji staff absolutely adored the girls. The pool flows out to a beautiful lagoon with sand beach. Kids had a ball with the hermit crabs. For me it was a great family holiday plus the added bonus of scoring some great waves at Frigates Pass in the morning.The resort went to a lot of effort to ensure guests could experience Fiji culture putting on Fire Walking Exhibitions, Dances, Village Choir, trips to villages etc. It took approximately 2.5 hour bus ride from airport and 45 minutes on boat to reach the island. We enjoyed the trip to and from as it gave us and the kids the chance to see Fiji.I loved the place, would recommend for Mums and Dads with small kids for relaxing around pool, meeting new friends and generally relaxing. There are other sports to do such as fishing, diving and surfing.RegardsDavid

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Created on: Thursday 18 February 2010