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Nestled amid 15,000 m2 of beachfront parkland with a world-class peak break right out the front and mountainous jungle as the surroundings, Aura Surf Resort is just at the doorstep of absolutely uncrowded waves, untouched beaches, stunning remote paradise islands and a great range of surf spots, from easy beach breaks to 15-foot grinding barrels.
Quick Facts
  • uncrowded surf
  • world-class waves
  • over 10 options to surf
  • great fishing
  • great snorkelling
  • spacios accommodation
Nestled amid 15,000sqm of beachfront parkland with a world-class peak break right out the front and mountainous jungle as the surroundings, Aura Surf Resort is just at the doorstep of absolutely uncrowded waves, untouched beaches, stunning remote paradise islands and a great range of surf spots, from easy beach breaks to 15-foot grinding barrels. There are a multitude of world class waves in the area with over 100kms of coastline to explore. The peak out the front rarely drops below 3 to 4 feet and is usually 5 to 6 feet.
Aura Surf is an exclusive surfing resort on a large unexplored island in Northern Sumatra. No crowds and ease of access make this one of the most attractive surf destinations in the world. With over 10 secret spots catering for surfers of all calibers, hundreds of untouched beaches, and stunning remote outer islands, this pristine location offers interest to every tropical surf traveler.
The island has new roads, airport, hospital, and power station to name a few.


Aura Surf is situated on the beach close to a very quiet and tiny village. The island has amazing mountains, with waterfalls, rain-forest, rivers, abundant wildlife, beaches, islands, 4wd tracks, fishing and snorkeling.

The island is located off Northern Sumatra, approximately 80 miles off the coast. There are 2 flights there daily and need to be booked and paid for with us at time of booking. Aura Surf Resort provide airport pick up and drop off to and from the resort - it takes 15mins by car on a sealed road.


Aura Surf Resort consists of 3 traditional bungalows and a main building,made of local hardwood and woven bamboo with thatched palm roofing. It has a capacity to accommodate 14 surfers at a time. The resort, albeit built in a traditional spirit in balance with its surroundings, is equipped with many modern extras including the bar, dining areas, TV,DVD and several outdoor chill out areas. The bungalows are elevated above a sweeping 3km wide white sandy beach to give you beautiful views.

The Bungalows

All3 bungalows are very spacious with external decking. 2 of the bungalows sleep 2 people  on each side, with the other larger bungalow sleeping 3on each side of the bungalow. The rooms can be separated for privacy or connected for bigger groups and families. There are queen size beds available for couples, too. There is plenty of wardrobe space in each,plus a sink and bathroom cabinet. Western-style bathroom facilities are attached to the rear of the bungalows. Each room contains electricity power points and fans. There is a spacious verandah with relaxing chairs and coffee table so you can watch your friends getting barreled from the comfort of your bungalow. The resort staff includes a mechanic, chef,experienced surf guides, security staff and grounds people.

Arrangements can be made to rent a whole bungalow and have one side as private lounge room at additional cost.

Each bungalow is elevated 1 meter above lush grass, sand and lemon grass toward of the mosquitoes. Each bungalow is equipped with fans, mosquito nets, a shared vanity with running water, shelves for clothes and locked bedside tables to keep your valuables in. There is a connecting shared bathroom with a toilet and shower with running water. Fresh towels can be arranged daily and they also offer housekeeping services for the duration of your stay.

Laundry services can be arranged at an additional cost. Transport to and from local breaks around the island are included in the packages (please see Pricing/Packages tab for more details). If you require additional transport including motorbikes and extra car trips, this will be an additional cost of $10 USD a day. Cars seat 6 guests at a time only.

Surf & Other Activities
As the area is located in the doldrums; more often than not, there is no wind. When there actually is some wind, it is from a local storm which usually passes within 2 hours and leaves just a nice off-shore breeze.Water is very warm and very clear. The region has the longest fetch out of all Indonesian islands. It can utilize swells from the north such as around India and the Maldives and does not just have to rely on southern swells like most other Indonesian spots.
It also picks up the full brunt of south swells as it sticks out at more of an angle than the other islands and is at the top of a 6km deep,800mile long trench. Swells received here have a longer period, longer lines and nice barrels.


The Surf Breaks:

The Peak is situated directly out the front of Aura Surf Resort and is visible from all bungalows and main building. This wave holds from 2 to 10+feet, barrels at takeoff and down the line. Up to approximately 80mrides in both directions are common. Easy paddle out from beach; swell magnet, suitable for all surfer levels.

The Beach offers excellent right and left barrels. Swell magnet, suitable for all levels.

K-Hole is located approximately 15 mins out the front by speed boat, offers a world-class 150m-long heavy right harden which barrels the whole way.Swell magnet, 4 to 15+ ft. This wave is suitable for intermediate surfers and the more experienced. Booties are recommended.

The Secret Island is approximately 1 hour travel away, situated on an amazing untouched island with an sweeping beach. This wave offers world-class heaving right-hand barrels, and when smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones of varying difficulty. Approximately 100m long. All sections have barrels.Swell magnet. Booties recommended. Intermediate+, breaks from 2 ft to 8+ft.

Tou Tous - 100+ m long left, from reef to sand, all sizes and likes it big. Excellent fast wave with barreling takeoff and sections.

Dylans has a fast perfect right-hand barrel, works with solid swells. 20 min travel. Booties recommended, 1 to 5 ft, intermediate+.

Apart from the above listed waves, there are 5 other unknown spots ranging from reef to beach breaks. They can get you waves in all conditions with nobody else in the water.
They are fortunate to have world-class coral reefs close by that offer amazing snorkeling and fishing. If you are a passionate fisherman or snorkeler, it is definitely recommended to bring your own gear! They can take you on day trips to one of the most beautiful islands you have ever seen. There are swimming holes with incredible waterfalls and rain forest nearby. You can hire a motorbike with board racks and explore the island yourself. Head into town and choose from a number of internet cafes and Wi-Fi spots. Or you can take relaxing walks through rice fields and fresh clean rivers. There are plenty of things to see and do.
Other Surf Experiences

Nigel Dobson (October 2017)

This is my second trip with TPW. I like the assurance we I have organising thru a dedicated travel company rather than gambling on doing it myself.

Matt (September 2016)

One of the best selections of breaks! Awesome surf, fantastic staff second to none and accommodation was really like home!! COMFORTABLE AS!!! Will be back again very soon!! No other choice!! This place is IT!!😀😀😀 Thanks to our great host ANDY!!😊😊😊