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Caroline Islands are often described as like Tahiti or Hawaii without the development. They are located southwest of Hawaii and northeast of Australia. The island we are pioneering for surf has a population of only 8000 people, and receives only about 100 – 150 international tourists per year!  Talk about the “last frontier”!
Quick Facts
    • uncrowded waves
    • heavy, world-class surf
    • no surfers around
    • very few tourists around
    • unspoilt diving
    • pristine environment

If you’re looking to “get away from it all” and surf uncrowded waves - have we got the place for you!

Caroline Islands are often described as like Tahiti or Hawaii without the development. They are located southwest of Hawaii and northeast of Australia. The island they are pioneering for surf has a population of only 8000 people, and receives only about 100 – 150 international tourists per year! Talk about the “last frontier”!

There are three distinct geographic features - mountains, jungle, and mangrove forests. Mountains are steep and rugged, and are covered by dense tropical vegetation. Several mountain peaks rise over 2000 feet above sea level, and account for about 70% of the land area. In the mountains you can find cascading waterfalls, cool rivers, and rarely visited hiking trails.
The temperature is quite uniform year round: hot, wet, and humid. The dry season is between May and October, and wet season from November to April. The average annual temperature is 28 degrees with only minor seasonal variation.  Rainfall is plentiful and averages 180 inches a year on the east coast and more than 250 inches in the west. Although humidity is usually high, the even temperature and fresh sea breezes mean conditions are never too stuffy. Trade winds blow predominantly from the northeast and most consistent time for surf travel is between October and March.  NE, N, and NW swells hit from out of Japan/North Pacific, similar to Hawaii.

You want to get away from the crowds – you won’t find anywhere better than the Caroline Islands!

Their surf guide, Matt, is one of only 2 surfers that currently live permanently on the island, although he is trying to teach and encourage the local kids. The best news is the number of visiting surfers is limited to only 12 at any one time by a surf permit system to avoid crowding on the breaks, but they are limiting their surf tour packages to maximum 6-8 surfers to make the crowd factor even more attractive! Where else in the world can you find this!?! Matt has a BA degree in International relations and has lived on the island since 2000. He grew up in Hawaii and has been surfing for 15 years.  Matt has traveled extensively looking for great surf - California, Baja, Fiji, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.


Eco-Friendly accommodation option - Pacific Treelodge Resort

Your accommodation is at a great eco-lodge, in cottages perched on the edge of ancient mangroves across the road from a calm lagoon.  Each room has two queen beds (made by the owner of the resort from local mangrove wood!), air conditioning, refrigerator, mini bar, cable TV, and maid service. The mangrove channels are rife with fish and crab, and the incredible mangrove trees provide welcome shade and stunning surroundings.

  • In-house restaurant – Bully’s Restaurant offers a full fresh seafood menu with yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and mangrove crab when available. You have to try the local breadfruit chips and you cannot miss their famous Bully Burger made from fresh yellowfin tuna mixed with spices.  Built at the end of a long jetty over the water of the mangroves, with beautiful views over the water to the surrounding mountains…..make sure you don’t drink too much or you might find yourself swimming back to your room!
  • Diving - Their PADI Instructors have experience teaching diving around the globe, including SE Asia, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Pacific.
  • Bicycle & kayak rentals
  • Tuesday night – big-screen movie night in the restaurant; Thursday night - $10 booze cruise; Friday night – happy hour!


Premium Accommodation Option - Nautilus Resort

This Aussie built and managed 18-room resort offers every comfort and convenience. Situated across the road from the beach, Nautilus has gorgeous tropical gardens surrounding the restaurant and bar, and a swimming pool nearby for a refreshing swim. Each room is air-conditioning with two double beds, a fridge, minibar, tea/coffee making facilities, cable TV, direct-dial telephones, wifi, solar hot water, and daily room service. The resort also offers one-bedroom and a two-bedroom self-contained apartments, designed for guests staying for two weeks to two months. These apartments come complete with their own kitchen, separate dining and lounge room and washing machine.

  • The restaurant at Kosrae Nautilus Resort serves a selection of beer and wines from around the world. (Happy hour from 5 to 6 pm.) You can dine in cool air-conditioned comfort with an ocean view, or outside by the swimming pool. Both western and local foods (think breadfruit chips and incredibly fresh fish) are on the menu. They also offer Micronesia's best pizza. Wherever possible, they use locally grown organic fruit and vegetables (mostly from their own garden).
  • Diving – In-house NAUI Instructor (learn in the comfort of the on-site swimming pool), two purpose built dive boats that take a maximum of six divers. Each boat has a full length canopy, quiet 4-stroke engines and oxygen on-board. Full scuba equipment is available for rent, along with Nitrox.
  • Unlimited free use of kayaks. Take a tour of the reef flat and Blue Hole right out in front of the resort, or meander through the enchanting mangrove channel at the rear of the resort.
  • Snorkeling – The Blue Hole is just a 200-metre walk across the reef flat, right in front of the resort. Here you'll find a large variety of marine creatures and colourful tropical fish.
  • Fishing – Bring your rod along for some great action right in-front of the resort, or take a deep sea charter.
  • Massage – Local style therapeutic massage available in the comfort of your room.
  • Rental cars – Clean, tidy and reliable cars are available if you feel the need to explore on your own.
Surf & Other Activities

Surf Breaks

Note - High level of experience is recommended

  • P1- series of right hand reef sections ranging from rip-able walls to barrels.  Faces offshore/ side-offshore in the trade winds. Handles swell from 2-8 foot
  • Sidedish - Intense and extremely hollow reef break providing a 2-4 second righthand barrel.  Faces straight offshore in the trade winds.  Breaks from 2-6 foot
  • Snoop Dogg’s - Fast, hollow lefthand reefbreak.  Faces offshore/side-offshore into the trade winds.  Fun and rip-able when wind affected. Flawless 4 second barrel when offshore (comparable to Pipeline in Hawaii, but more perfect!).  Handles from 1-6 foot
  • WC’s - Extremely heavy Righthand slab reef break ala Teahupoo, Our’s, or The Box.  Sideshore in the trade winds.  Surfable by those who dare whenever the wind is good.  Handles from 2-10 foot
  • Airports - Right hand reef/pointbreak with multiple sections.  Picks up wraparound wind swell when there is no N groundswell.  Extremely fast, heavy righthander when ground swell is running.  Sideshore in the trade winds.  Handles from 1-8 foot
Other Activities
  • Diving & snorkeling - here you will find the finest mooring buoy program in Micronesia. Buoys mark the 50 best dive sites all around the island. The professional guidance, amazing visibility normally 100 to 200 feet, pristine coral reefs, remarkable marine life and warm waters make their dive trips the most exciting yet comfortable dives you'll ever take. You’ll encounter reef sharks, dogtooth tuna, eagle rays & barracuda schools. Some of the island's fabulous spots include: Shark Island, Malem Shelf, Stingray Cove, WWII wrecks, Yela Wall, Village Reef, Walung Coral Gardens, Treelodge Point, Walung Dropoff, Finanpes Point, Turtle Ridge, Blue Hole, Bully Hayes Wreck (Pirate ship!), Clam Farm, Hiroshi Point & many more.
  • Deep sea fishing only minutes from the harbour. Your catch might include pacific sailfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and a host of other species.
  • Kayak through the mysterious mangrove channels directly behind the resort. The channels divide through an amazing assortment of mangrove trees, towering ferns, and unusual plants. There's a good chance you'll encounter many interesting birds, scurrying mangrove crabs and large monitor lizards. There is an assortment of single and double kayaks to suit your adventuring style. Trips to the beautiful Utwe-Walung Marine Park can also be arranged.
  • Jungle hikes up the river through magnificent gorges and swim in the pools created by the powerful waterfalls.
  • Discover Japanese bunkers & caves from WWII hidden in the jungle that even the locals didn’t know about until recently!
  • Hiking Mt. Finkol is for the adventurous, experienced and fit traveler since this is the island’s highest peak. The hike up the near 2,000-foot mist-shrouded mountain requires a tour guide and about eight hours (round-trip). The trail is steep and can be difficult during rainy weather, but it is well worth the time and effort.
  • Tour anthropological sites such as the Lelu ruins and the Menke ruins, where you can see ancient settlements from many hundreds of years ago. The massive walled city was built between the 13th and 14th centuries for their local royalty.
  • Tour to local subsistence village – no electricity, no cars, true local style living.
  • Beginner/advanced vinyasa flow yoga class.
  • Kite-boarding or water-skiing in Lelu Bay.
Other Surf Experiences
Troy and Michelle

We stayed at the Kosrae Surf Camp over the Christmas 2010/New Year 2011 period.Troy was the only surfer staying at the resort until the end of our trip. He was spoilt with the best waves he's ever had in his life.Absolutely loved this place. Fantastic surf, accommodation and tour guides - Matt and Meg, did everything to make sure that we experienced the island and had fun.On our way home we also got to stay a night in Guam, which is a really cool place too.Would highly recommend booking a trip to Kosrae, Caroline Islands through the Perfect Wave!

Experience Begun: December 2010
Created on: Saturday 14 May 2011

Gina,Happy New Year! Just returned from Kosrae. There weren't any waves the first half of the trip, but that was more than made up for over the second half. The last two days, in particular, were pretty intense. It was time and money well-spent. Matt is a terrific guy, a gifted surf and tour guide, and a helluva wave rider!He really knows (and cares about) the island and making sure his visitors have the optimum experience. Likewise, the hotel (Pacific Treetop Lodge) is a real gem, the owners Mark and Maria are delightful. So another very good experience due to your good offices. Thank you.Best Wishes for '10,Tyler - USADec09

Experience Begun: December 2009
Created on: Friday 12 February 2010