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One of the Mentawai's best value surf camps, Beng Bengs is in the heart of the Playgrounds Region and offers E-Bay left out the front.


All inclusive packages including great meals and surf transfers.


The rooms have been improved going into 2018 season, with a/c fitted in as well as a hot shower in one of the bathrooms.

Quick Facts


    • Affordable surf camp
    • Stay in the heart of Playgrounds area
    • E-Bay out the front
    • 20 waves nearby
    • All inclusive packages
    • Fits groups up to 10 surfers

Beng Bengs Surf Camp Mentawai is located in the heart of the Playgrounds region, with a world-class wave E-Bay out the front.

One of the best value options in the Mentawai, Beng Bengs offers all-inclusive packages with great local and western-style meals.

A beautiful, traditional Mentawai House comfortably accommodates groups of up to 10. The 4-bedroom house offers 2 double rooms and 2 bunk rooms. The rooms have a/c and all beds have mosquito nets fitted.


The accommodation is built in a beautiful traditional Mentawai timber house of 170 square meters. This private, 4-bedroom guesthouse can cater for maximum 10 people with 2 double rooms, and the other 2 rooms have bunk beds.

Going into 2018 season, the rooms are fitted in with air-conditioning, mosquito nets and electricity outlets plugs, and all bed linen is provided. Bathroom facilities are in a separate shower and toilet block. One of the bathrooms has hot showers.

Surf & Other Activities

Beng Bengs offers easy access to the world class waves of the playgrounds region including:


E Bay: One of the most perfect lefts in the Mentawai, paddle out from the resort. A long, hollow wave that can barrel from take off

Kandui Lefts: World Class left barrels for up to 300 metres. On bigger swells this wave throws out unrelenting tube sections.

Burgerworld: A long, playful right on the same island as Beng Bengs

Pitstops: Another fun right with easy take off and rippable walls

Beng Bengs: Actually a 10 minute walk up the beach or just 2 minutes in the boat, a fun high performance walling wave

Nipussi: Super consistent right. Big take offs in to fun walls

Bank Vaults: Handles the bigger swells, 2 long barreling sections, breaks on all tides

Hideaways: Consistent perfect left, best on mid to higher tides

Little Nias: Palm fringed bay and hollow rights reminds of its namesake

Rifles: One of the greatest waves on earth. Big, long tubes. Must surf

Pistols: Rifles little brother further down the reef, will still barrel from take off in to a long wall

4 Bobs: Short fun right, great if looking fore something user friendly

A Frames; consistent, fun, beautiful



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